Apple Music Now Available to Stream on Mac Through iTunes

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apple musicApple has now launched their coveted iOS 8.4 update to give users of the desktop Mac the ability to stream Apple Music through the latest version of iTunes. According to most, the launch has been going fairly well, with just a few minor instances of malfunctions.

One mishap occurred with Zane Lowe on the 24-hour Beats 1 Radio Station with some of the microphones just before the release of Apple Music on the online store. Though, all technical and live streaming issues were taken care of, and the rest of the roll out went just as Apple had planned.

The company states Mac users may have experienced a delay when trying to access Apple Music on iTunes. According to tech analysts, the problem began around 3:00 p.m., seven hours after the launch on the mobile platform.

The full update from iTunes for the desktop Mac application includes the Beats 1 Radio Station and an updated, redesigned Apple Music Radio service with live streaming stations. Apple executives also say users will to be able to search music libraries and add tracks from a broad spectrum of on-demand songs and albums.

By Alex Lemieux


Tech Crunch: Apple Music Now Available On The Mac Via iTunes

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