Autism Researcher Jeff Bradstreet May Have Committed Suicide

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Authorities confirmed Thursday, June 25, Jeff Bradstreet, may have committed suicide at the age of 61. Bradstreet was an autistic researcher known as a hero to many families. However, he was also criticized and questioned about his practices by conventional medical professionals.

On June 19, a fisherman found a dead body in Rocky Broad River, Chimney Rock and reported the corpse to Rutherford, North Carolina Sheriff County’s office. The sheriff’s department claimed the death was a suicide, when they found a gun and saw the potentially self-inflicted gunshot wound in the chest.

Bradstreet was originally from Braselton, Georgia. He ran a clinic called Bradstreet’s Wellness Center, in Buford, Georgia. Along with his clinic, the researcher owned a company named Creation’s Own, which made dietary supplements.

Law enforcement officials told sources, “Monday, June 22, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), searched Bradstreet’s Wellness Center.” After the search, employees continued to work in the complex with plastic sheets covering the doors and windows. When visitors stopped by they were not allowed to give out any information.

By the time Wednesday arrived, many people began to believe the autism researcher, Bradstreet, did not commit suicide and his death may have been a conspiracy killing. Sources have not been able to find out why the FDA searched the doctor’s office. The raid was guided by Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency along with Rick Allen on Thursday. He told sources he was unable to give out any information regarding the reason the search took place.

Bradstreet’s Wellness Center is described as a practice which focuses on treating kids with neurological and developmental disorders, along with Autism Spectrum Disorder, by using measurements of biomarkers and the use of PPDs. The center’s mission statement reads, “the clinic’s mission is to help make a difference in children’s lives by meeting their nutritional, biological and behavioral needs. Identifying the primary issues so the child’s immune system, gut, and brain can properly heal and function is the clinic’s primary goal.”

In 2009, Bradstreet’s Clinic found a connection between environmental exposure and autism. The research was published in non-peer reviewed journals and the publication included a testimony from one of his young patients who received the doctor’s MMR vaccinations. The publication was questioned by medical professionals who believed the study was not supportive or convincing.

The doctor was also questioned about a case that took place in Florida. A family filed a claim under National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program stating, “the doctor was prescribing dietary supplements such as secretion infusions, immunoglobulin therapy, chelation therapy, removed yeast, and took numerous non-standard lab tests that were not approved by the FDA.”

Reporters have tried to contact the doctor’s family members to get their opinion about the mysterious death, but it has been hard to get in contact with them. However, the specialist’s family members began a fundraiser on the web to raise $25,000 to help find out the truth of the researchers death, and more than $5000 has been donated to the fundraiser.

Autism researcher Bradstreet may have committed suicide. Despite those that were against his practice, many believed he was a hero because he was able to find a cure for the children of many families that were suffering from autism.

By Krystle Mitchell


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