Donald Trump Loses NBC for Putting Mexicans Slurs in His Mouth

Donald Trump

In a release on Monday, June 29, NBC broke ties with million dollar investor and television personality, Donald Trump, for putting Mexicans slurs in his mouth. Trump, who is currently a Republican presidential candidate, has gone on a political diatribe by suggesting that Mexico and all its migrating population are nothing more than rapists who deal drugs. The Apprentice host was quoted during his announcement speech as saying, “They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Trump has increased his tribe of haters with his political statements, opening up himself for the masses to see what many call ‘a true capitalistic racist.’ Trump losing NBC for putting Mexican slurs in his mouth has many feeling that the punishment definitely fits the crime. NBCUniversal says that due to the derogatory statements made by Trump, they will no longer be needing his services as host on The Apprentice. In addition, they will no longer be airing his Miss USA or Miss Universe. Univision, a widely known network for the Latin community, has also cut ties with Trump expressing that his statements were insulting and disgustingly racist.

While Trump loses NBC for making derogatory statements about Mexicans, along with some other choice phrases, the real estate mogul prohibited Univision executives from playing on his golf course in Miami after the network pulled his show. A move that many are saying is the action of a small boy who does not care to play nicely. Trump says he will not be accepting any apologies from Univision and will be going forward with a lawsuit. The grounds of the lawsuit according to him is breach-of-contract. Trump is sure to be himself 100 percent of the time according to critics of his political endeavors. As Janice Lange, a former supporter, says, “With his recent statements on immigrants I see now that he lives in a land of confederate rainbows and racist unicorns and unfortunately for him, I don’t do fairy tales well!”

It is truly appalling to hear someone with such a platform make such harsh statements about a certain section of the American population, some of whom are his employees. His hotels workers, the golf course (that he now so passionately guards against Univision executives) which surely employs a great deal of Hispanic people. The GOP never ceases to amaze. To think that their money, linked to what many call white privilege, and their million and billion dollar companies can win over anything they so choose is downright laughable. The logic of it all is comical, considering that even though the money-flow might run with the white majority, the votes of minorities everywhere can very well land Trump’s campaign in the dumpster with the last election’s candidates.

If Trump’s goal is to increase the anger of minority Americans, he is doing one bang up job. However, many believe that the Mexicans will not be the last to endure such derogatory statements of belittlement by the comb over king. It makes one wonder, as much as America strives to protect the freedom of speech, how does the nation fight against political stupidity? Especially stupidity on issues that people like Trump really have no sound standing on. He can not really be upset with immigrants coming to the land of the “free” when the very structure of this nation was built on foreigners coming over on a boat and taking over. Minorities everywhere are sure to be doing everything they can to ensure that Trump’s campaign gets dumped sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, Trump has lost NBC for putting Mexicans slurs in his mouth.

Opinion by Danyol Jaye
Edited by Ankur Sinha
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Business Insider- NBC fires Donald Trump after he calls Mexicans rapists and drug runners
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  2. Christine Houston   June 30, 2015 at 6:34 am

    Why do most republicans appear to be racists? Is that food for thought
    or maybe not worth thinking about?

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