Avian Influenza Causes Prices on Eggs and Poultry to Skyrocket

Avian Influenza
Any time a new illness warning hits the news, the next thing that happens is that prices rise on anything directly related to that illness. The Avian Influenza also known as the Bird Flu, or in short H5N2, is the newest health scare on the rise these days. Today, the latest and greatest is the fear of catching this awful virus. This bird flu is spreading throughout the U.S. and doctors have been warned to be on the look out for human victims to be diagnosed with this virus. The bird flu has already spread to 20 countries throughout the U.S. As a result of Avian Influenza causing price hikes on eggs and poultry to be expected.

While, this outbreak has mostly expanded among turkey, chickens and other types of birds, no humans have been diagnosed with this virus yet. However, the bird flu has sadly caused the deaths of over 45 million birds. The knowledge that cooked eggs and meat are not likely to be infectious is a relief, but there is still a fear to buy the products and catch the virus. The warnings directed are clear that any farms that have knowledge of the bird flu affecting their birds should kill all birds and destroy their eggs immediately.

People who are employed on farms or deal with the poultry, or who just keep chickens in their backyard, could be at risk to being contaminated even though it is not a high risk. Early this week, warnings have been distributed that doctors who find human cases of the bird flu should not wait to treat the patient with Tamiflu, especially those who work directly on farms or surfaces contaminated with or parts of birds.

As a result of the Avian Influenza, Pennsylvania has already experienced the rise in egg prices, as well as the rest of the nation. More than 43 million chickens have already become sick or died due to the spread of the virus, according to the Department of Agriculture. It is the case of supply in demand up close and personal, where suppliers have decreased the production of eggs nationally due to the dangerous situation, and the prices on eggs have skyrocketed as a result.

Throughout the nation, everyone is extremely cautious of purchasing poultry or eggs due to the spread of the virus. Extreme measures have been taken by farms and egg producers to make sure the products are safe. Doctors should also be very careful in diagnosing the cases if any should come up. Currently, there have been no human viruses reported but the concern for the near future is growing. The Avian Influenza has so far targeted only turkey, chickens and other types of birds. The fears that eventually the bird flu could affect humans is a strong and realistic possibility, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The side effects of such a virus such as the Avian Influenza have resulted in the prices on eggs and poultry to rise throughout the nation.

Egg prices will not be the only product whose prices will rise, but concern with the whole spread will also affect prices on poultry in a negative way. Anything is possible and if a human comes in contact with a contaminated bird the results will, of course, result in the rise in humans being affected by the virus. If humans are diagnosed with the virus, it will take charge of the human body hard. The symptoms will consist of severe respiratory illness and one-third is estimated to result in death. The Avian Influenza is a virus that has caused the deaths of many animals in the bird family to die, and it may result in human deaths as well, but is now causing prices to skyrocket on eggs and poultry.

By Elina Brik

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