Ben Affleck, Garner Alleged Divorce: Custody War Erupts as Ben Moves Out?


Ben Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Garner is so close to collapsing that the couple is bound to announce their divorce in coming weeks, sources allege. The Hollywood duo, who have been married for ten years, are said to be leading two very unhappy lives, as insiders state that while they have given marriage counseling a shot, it clearly has not worked for them. Affleck and Garner’s alleged divorce is likely to open a custody war between the two now that the actor has moved out.

In the latest issue of Star magazine, the tabloid alleges that Affleck is ready to call it quits, having reportedly moved out of their family home months ago. The 42-year-old has six forthcoming movie projects lined up, so for him not to be seen with his wife for weeks at a time has gone unnoticed for the fact that people had assumed the actor was too busy to make time for his partner while filming several films at once. But sources have gathered that Affleck’s busy career is not the reason why he has been keeping his distance — he no longer lives with Garner, and instead, opts for fancy hotels. It is assumed that if Affleck was to purchase a new home, it would evidently give away the fact that the couple have split and are headed for divorce.

With Garner and Affleck having acknowledged their estranged relationship to one another, fans have wondered why the actor has not come forward and confirmed the news so that he can peacefully move on with his life. As previously reported, Affleck is allegedly holding out until his wife gives him her approval to announce their separation — while the two are said to be living apart from one another, it cannot be easy for a woman to suddenly call it quits on a twelve-year relationship. Furthermore, they share three children together. Affleck and Garner’s supposed divorce may erupt in a child custody war with the actor having moved out.

Star magazine continues to add that when Affleck is not staying at a hotel, he is most likely found at Matt Damon’s house. Damon is said to have been one of the go-to people for the actor whenever trouble was erupting in his marriage; the 42-year-old could always ‘cool down’ during his stay at his best friend’s home. But, all in all, it has gotten too much. Insiders have reported for months that Garner and her husband are unhappy in their marriage and that their alleged forthcoming divorce could potentially get nasty.

Supposedly neither of the two acted on the chance of getting a prenuptial agreement, meaning that $120million are at stake. It is evidently clear that Affleck has made more money than Garner during their ten-year marriage, following his successful roles in Argo, Gone Girl, and the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film. In fact, Garner’s partner has made his most earnings during the couple’s marriage, but as no prenuptial agreement was in place at the time of their wedding, the 43-year-old actress could see herself walking away with close to half of what her hubby has made, sources reveal.

With the idea that the two do not like being around one another, it is going to be another battle when they have to come to some sort of child custody agreement. Insiders believe that Garner would most definitely put up a fight in court if her husband was to try and fight for full custody, but the chances of that happening are more than unlikely since Affleck barely has the time to take care of himself. He is constantly working and a judge will undoubtedly not rule him in favor to take the kids because of it, unless Garner was an unfit mother — which she is not.


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