‘The Martian’ Is Reminder That Hollywood Can Still Get Creative [VIDEO]

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The Martian

In Alien director Ridley Scott’s cinematic recreation of Andy Weir’s New York Times, bestselling, science fiction novel, The Martian, he reminds movie-goers everywhere that Hollywood can still get a little creative. The film features Matt Damon as its lead character, NASA astronaut Mark Watney, who, after being accidentally left in space by his crew, is presumed dead. Due to a sudden raging dust storm that kicked up as soon as the team landed on Mars to fulfill a mission, they were forced to abort and return back to planet Earth. Abandoned, Damon is forced to figure out the proper survival skills to live four isolated years on Mars.

The pod, in which he made his arrival to the Red Planet in, carries only enough supplies to ensure survival for the next thirty days. With a month’s time already having come and gone and with no chance of help arriving for at least another four years, Watney is forced to get resourcefully innovative. By learning how to harvest his own crops, he becomes the first Martian farmer and planet Earth’s only known self-taught rocket scientist, whom, through his own craftiness, constructs a tool he hopes could allow him to gain contact with ground control.

After having discovered Damon’s unfavorable circumstances of being trapped in space, The Martian cast, which includes comedians Donald Glover, Kristen Wiig, Sean Bean and Jeff Daniels, put their heads together in order to devise a plan for how they are going to find him and bring him back to Earth. Jessica Chastain, who also worked alongside Damon for the filming of Interstellar, will reunite with the actor once again for another sci-fi journey. The Martian, which will likely take audiences on a theatrical adventure, serves as a reminder that Hollywood can still get creative when it comes to what it brings to the big screen.

The MartianWhen Weir was asked how a movie deal transpired from his novel, he said that there was one particular week that ended up bringing everything together. That one week proved to be one most eventful. During that fateful week, to Weir’s pleasant surprise, he was offered both a print deal and a movie deal. Drew Goddard, the screenplay writer for The Martian, created an awesome script for the film and since Goddard was planning to take on the role of being film director as well, the only thing they had to search for was a lead actor to play Watney’s character.

Soon after reading the script, Damon was completely interested in the part and said he would love to be involved in the project. With the project now having attached itself to an A-list actor, that was when things really began to take off. Not long after, Sinister Six, which is part of the Spiderman series, presented Goddard with the opportunity for director’s chair, leaving The Martian without a director. It was a total shock when Scott randomly showed up saying that he wanted to be the director of the movie. From that point forward, everything started to happen faster than anyone involved could have imagined.

The Martian will be the fourth science fiction film that director Scott has worked on since Alien in 1979. Three years later, Blade Runner hit the big screen followed by what most people would proclaim to be one of the best prequels ever made, 2012’s Prometheus. Now, after the reminder of all the Hollywood sci-fi films Scott has released, which can all still be considered blockbusters, there is no reason to doubt that The Martian will live up to its creative expectations.

Opinion By Kameron Hadley


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