Boxing Champions Broner and Porter Las Vegas Match Up

 Boxing Champions Broner and Porter

The Boxing champions Broner and Porter match up at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Saturday night for the father’s day weekend had promised to be a great fight. There were two friends bashing each others brains in for the possible chance to face Floyd Mayweather in three months. Both boxing champions Broner and Porter grew up in different towns in Ohio, and would have loved to go home and say that they were the best of the best from the Buckeye state.

Porter was strong in the ring, keeping in command of Broner, and the judges were in full agreement, and they declared Porter the winner. Both boxing champions Broner and Porter have an impressive record; Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner with a now 30-2 and 22 knock outs (KO’s) is evident of his unique talents, but ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter who is now 26-1-1 with 16 KO’s proved that he is the better of the two fighters, although the points were very close between the boxing champions, Broner and Porter, which were 114-112, 118-109, and 115-111. The online website The Bleacher Report scored the fight at 117-109 in favor of Porter. Although both boxing champions Broner and Porter have an unusual style in the ring, however, it was Porter’s aggressiveness that took control to be victorious, and force his will on Broner.

‘Showtime’ was in control of the match-up between the boxing champions, Broner and Porter, which debuted in Las Vegas. At times he made Broner look like an amateur when Porter was forcing him against the ropes, or keeping the action close, which caused a problem for ‘The Problem.’ Winning the fight gives him the bragging rights back in his home state of Ohio, and moves him up a level in their division of this exciting sport.

Broner had the same trouble as he has had in the past adjusting to his opponent’s style. He had no quickness, and did not throw any jabs until the 12th round when he sent Porter to the mat. However, in the boxing champions Broner and Porter match up it was not enough to pull ahead in points. All through the match he would tie up his opponent on the inside, which led to him losing points. Despite all of his big talk in the days before the fight, he could not put his money where his mouth was and did not fare well against the animistic mannerism of Porter. He dropped the ‘showtime’ with his left hook in the last round, resulting in the only clear moment when Broder looked like a champion, but it came way too late. His height and quickness gave him an edge going into Saturday night, but he did not show that he had the speed, or even talent, which gave the edge back to Porter.

Porter definitely had a better game plan, and the determination coming into the ring. Even though he was stunned when Broder seem to pull sudden strength out of mid-air, and knocked him down he was not thrown for a loop, and came back even stronger to seal the win. He landed the a good majority of the punches, and did not allow his opponent to put him in an incriminating position throughout the first 11 rounds.

At the end of the Boxing champions┬áBroner and Porter’s match up in Las Vegas, Porter was all smiles when it was announced he triumphed. He fought hard and well and it was his moment to shine. As the press interviewed the boxing champions Broner and Porter, the each spoke like a true champion, and Broner said he would handle the loss with the dignity that he handles a win with.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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Photo courtesy of JFolkmann’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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