Electric Daisy Carnival Day Two Brought 26 Felony Arrests and One Death

Electric Daisy CarnivalThe Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) kicked off June 19 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. People arrived at the festival in neon candy beads prepared for a weekend of electronic dance music. Officials are asking people to drink plenty of water before and while they are attending the festival, due to the hot weather. Today is the last day of the festival, but yesterday, day two of the Electric Daisy Carnival brought 26 narcotic-related felony arrests and one death. The cause of the death is currently unknown.

Approximately 134,000 colorfully dressed people attended the first night of the EDC dancing to DJ’s on eight different stages, all night. Many who danced until the early hours slept until early afternoon yesterday, June 20, so they would have the energy for the next round at the Electric Daisy Carnival.

At 7 p.m., Saturday began round two of the carnival. Temperatures yesterday were at 113 degrees tying a record high from 1961, according to Chris Outler, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service. However, by midnight, temperatures had cooled to around 95 degrees and they even dropped to 82 degrees at about sunrise the next morning, according to John Adair, the senior forecaster for the Weather Service.

Temperatures will be similar on June 21, the third day of the Electric Daisy Carnival. That day will reach a high of 112 degrees, which is one degree over the 1954 record high temperature, said Outler. Temperatures are supposed to drop into the 80s early in the morning, Monday.

The Electric Daisy Carnival offers attendees more than just music. There are amusement park-style rides, artwork, and performers in over-the-top costumes for all to enjoy.

Insomniac Inc., is the Los Angeles-based company that hosts the Electric Daisy Carnival every year. The communications director for the company, Desiree Naranjo, said she was anticipating 400,000 people to attend the Electric Daisy Carnival throughout the weekend.

Naranjo said the company was already prepared for the heat. She said it is a requirement when planning a June event in Las Vegas. She added that the best part of the event was that it is from sundown to sunrise so it is the most active in the cooler temperatures, making it more enjoyable for those who like to dance all night.

The company also has hydration and cooling stations where people can relax, cool off and drink some water. They are encouraged to visit these stations at regular intervals.

Insomniac Inc. also has medical teams on-site that wander the venue to help anyone that may be in need, until the show ends at 5:30 a.m. MedicWest special event manager, Glen Simpson is also a member of the medical team and is hoping that EDC attendees will keep hydrated and use the cooling stations, often. There is always the anticipation of an increase in calls for heat-related emergencies as the temperatures rise, said Simpson.

The Electronic Daisy Carnival has attendees from all over the world and some may not be able to adjust to the heat as well as others. This is what Las Vegas expects in the summer months, tourists and heat-related emergencies.

Between Friday evening and early Saturday morning, the Metro Police Department had over 500 medical calls. There were 10 people that had to be transported to local hospitals. There was not a number for just heat-related calls.

Metro Police said there were 19 felony arrests for day one. All of the arrests were drug-related and there was one DUI arrest. Topping day two at the Electric Daisy Carnival, along with 26 narcotic-related felony arrests, was one death, cause unknown.

Simpson says that mixing medications, alcohol and drugs can increase the risk of a heat-related emergency. It can also lead to nausea and headaches, but it can affect each individual differently. Drinking alcohol or caffeine causes a person to lose fluid and can create dehydration faster. They warn people to party responsibly and stay hydrated, stated Simpson.

Simpson says Electric Daisy Carnival attendees need to drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, wear sunscreen, and light-colored, lightweight, loose-fitting clothes. He also says they should use common sense and keep cool and have fun but be safe. If party goers see someone that needs help or needs assistance, they should ask the nearest staff member to get help.

On day two there were dancers from the Roman Praetorian Guard. They entered in imposing plumage, armor, and pretty much nothing else. They danced while flames crossed the Kinetic Field stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival on Saturday night.

Then a riser rose from center stage with Dutch trance DJ Armin Van Buuren, with arms stretched out like a King to greet the loyalists. There was a variety of genres of dance music who each showed off their strengths. But DJ Van Buuren who has been bringing high-octane trance music since the early 90’s seemed to collect the attention of the crowd. He is a major star in the United States and truly seems to understand how to please the crowd with his upbeat, long-form sound. Even in a venue that believes rock-star DJ’s have passed on, he was able to even add a little 70’s pomp and fit right in nicely.

Before, Van Buuren was Hardwell with a Dutch electro-house sound, which is one of the fastest growing acts, rising to the top of DJ Magazine’s Top 100 list, currently at 25. His tracks are finely tuned for EDC goers. He is enjoying his success and EDC attendees are basking in the musical journey, according to LA Times.

The soulful house music culture of the U.K. easily translated into pop music in the U.S. Disclosure introduced Sam Smith on “Latch,” and was a few steps from the EDC culture. They are playing later this year at the L.A. Sports Arena. However, their presence at the EDC underground shows that they are aware that they have the power to reshape the scene.

Multiple Grammy nominee, Mike Dumont had a similar vintage-inspired, vocal-centric house sound, which is also working to change the way this generation looks at music. Joined by a live band, performing songs like, Won’t Look Back, filled in the parts of the music festival that were missing from the pure club culture at the Electric Daisy Carnival. Mike Dumont had a break-out year in 2014. LA Times believes that his winning streak should continue for the sake of house music.

Then Carl Cox joined Victor Calderone for mercurial house and techno. They had the most evocative and tough sounds of the EDC, according to L.A. Times. More noisy acts such as Excision and Carnage collected large crowds with hard-partying synth blasts. Eric Prydz drew crowds with near prog-inspired arpeggios.

Despite the great performances at the EDC, there was still much trouble for some who attended. According to the release from the Metro Police Department, on day two of the Electric Daisy Carnival, there were 408, predominantly minor medical calls, with seven people transported to local hospitals. According to police, on day two, there has been one death connected to the Electric Daisy Carnival event and police brought in 26 felony arrests. However, there is currently no other information available. The Clark County Coroner’s Office will release the name and cause of death when it is known.

Metro police made 26 drug-related felony arrests, eight misdemeanor arrests, two gross misdemeanor arrests, and gave out five misdemeanor citations. There was one DUI arrest and one traffic accident. According to Insomniac Productions, approximately 135,000 people attended day two of the EDC. Considering that only 69 people were escorted out of the event, day two did not bring too much drama.

Parking lots opened at 5 p.m. and doors opened at 7 p.m., each day, but this year the Electronic Daisy Carnival tickets were sold out. Overall this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival went well, despite the arrests and death that occurred on day two.

By Jeanette Smith


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