10 Reasons Why Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video Is About Katy Perry


Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s alleged feud continues to heat up as the 25-year-old unveils her latest music video for Bad Blood. The song, which discusses the relationship of two friends-turned-enemies, is very fitting to the singer’s association to the Teenage Dream songstress. What once was a supposed loving friendship between two of the biggest pop stars, has now turned into a cold-hearted feud that sees both women writing diss songs against one another. While Swift has never admitted to having penned her latest hit over her drama with Perry, here are 10 reasons which state otherwise:

1. Admitting to A Pop Rivalry In Interviews

Swift told Rolling Stone in September that she wrote the fiery anthem after a certain female pop star had done her wrong. Though she never named the person she was referring to in the interview, the news outlet would go on to insinuate days later that Perry was the woman Swift was subliminally directing her words to.

2. A Sense of a Disingenuous Friendship

While the country star considered herself to be good pals with the 30-year-old, Perry was never said to have felt the same. The duo would run into each other at award shows all the time, and while the 25-year-old was convinced that she and Perry were best pals, sources allege that the songstress never felt the same way in forming a relatively close bond.

3. Perry Sabotaging Swift’s Tour

In several interviews, Swift refers to a singer who infamously tried to sabotage her tour by stealing a certain group of backing dancers that were lined up for her Red concert. Sources on Perry’s team would go on to clarify that the dancers who were asked to work with the songstress on her Prismatic tour were her dancers to begin with. They had only taken on the job to work with the 25-year-old since Perry had been on hiatus until she made her wildly anticipated comeback in 2013.

4. ‘Bad Blood’ Filmed in London

The Bad Blood video was set in London and included many panoramic shots of the city. It seemed quite ironic since Perry was once married to British comedian, Russell Brand. Given that it is already evident that Bad Blood is a diss song aimed at Perry, the fact that the location is based in London had fans convinced that Swift was subliminally giving away clues as to who the track was dedicated to.

5. Video Props Similar To Those Featured On The Prismatic Tour

In the video, the former country singer gets a Hunger Games inspired makeover that takes place in a futuristic lab. The gadgets and technology look a lot like Perry’s Prismatic tour props. People have since pointed out how similar they look, begging the question on whether it was a coincidence or purely intentional.

6. Characters Dressing Up As Perry

SwiftSelena Gomez is Arsyn in the video, Swift’s frenemy. She is wearing a black wig and dark makeup, which many consider as Perry’s signature look.

7. Swift Dressed in ‘Sheep’s Clothing’

Her fluffy white outfit may just be a reference to Perry’s tweet from September 2014, that came after the singer’s Rolling Stone interview was published.  Perry tweeted, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing….” Swift just so happens to resemble a sheep in one particular scene.What a coincidence.

8. Boxing Match Similar To Perry’s ‘Roar’ VMA Performance

In the video, Swift and her best friend Karlie Kloss square off in a brutal boxing match. This could potentially be a reference to Perry’s 2013 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards when she sang her hit song Roar under the Brooklyn Bridge in a boxing ring. Again, is this pure coincidence that a similar setting is featured in the Bad Blood music video?

9. ‘Firework’ References

Swift walks through the hall carrying a firework, definitely a reference to Perry’s song Firework. Did that really need explaining?

10. Perry’s Favorite Teddy Bear Burned

In the visual, fans can see a teddy bear being burned in the background. One of the reasons this is crucial to note is because the bear resembles the one that Perry is often seen carrying her way through airports before she gears up for takeoff. Swift is evidently telling Perry that she is done playing nice.

There is no doubt that Swift’s Bad Blood video is indirectly aimed at Perry. Now that she has taken their feud to the next level, insiders believe that Perry will most likely record a diss song of her own as she gears up to release her forthcoming studio album sometime in 2016. By the look of things, it does not seem as if neither of these two ladies plan on backing down anytime soon.

Opinion by Jeanette Smith


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  2. janelly   June 24, 2015 at 11:14 am

    #4 4. ‘Bad Blood’ Filmed in London

    Russell is a british comedian. what abt the location?! Theyre married in India! Btch pls your opinion is not helping jeannette smith

  3. keben   June 24, 2015 at 10:25 am

    Nah chill bro


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