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Channing Tatum Showed Off Dance Moves on Parade Float



On Sunday, Magic Mike XXL star Channing Tatum joined his fellow co-stars, Adam Rodriguez and Matt Bomer, showing off their dance moves on a parade float for the annual Los Angeles LGBT Pride parade. Though he and his co-stars did not remove their shirts, or otherwise strip, other men dressed like male strippers were shirtless and dancing on the movie-themed float. Magic Mike XXL, from Warner Brothers, will open on July 1, and it is the sequel to the popular 2012 movie Magic Mike.

Though Tatum, 35, and his two co-stars did not strip down, he showed his support by donning a rainbow bandana and wristband. He also wore a black baseball cap turned around backwards and had on gray cargo shorts. He, Rodriguez, 40, and Bomer, 37, danced to Pony, the 1996 hit from Ginuwine.

Bomer, who is openly gay, left the parade float occasionally to hand out promotional items for Magic Mike XXL, like baseball caps and T-shirts. Bomer was wearing blue shorts and a white T-shirt. He and the other cast members all threw out promo items like dog tags, hats, shirts and beach balls along the parade route.

When the parade float passed by, and Tatum, Bomer and Rodriguez showed off their dance moves, their fans watching the parade went wild with cheers and applause. Rodriguez was wearing a dressier, black button-down shirt and white trousers instead of shorts. He also had several strings of carnival bead over his neck and had a black-and-white baseball cap on his head. The parade float was decked out with posters of the cast and was complete with sparkling disco balls.


The Magic Mike XXL parade float that Tatum and his co-stars was on made its way through West Hollywood on Sunday, both showing support of the LGBT community and also to drum up attendance for the premiere of Magic Mike XXL when it opens in a couple of weeks. The stars seemed to be having a fun time aboard the float, reveling in the adulation of the crowds along the route.

Tatum, Bomer and Rodriguez were the only big-name movie stars taking part in the Los Angeles LGBT Pride parade on Sunday, but there were some T.V. stars and other celebs who were on a couple of parade floats. For instance, the casts of Chasing Life, Transparent, and The Fosters all took part in the parade and were aboard themed floats.

Also, there were plenty of celebs in attendance at the Friday night party that helped kick off the weekend of festivities, like talk show host and star of the 2014 movie, Into the Woods, James Corden. Then, musical artists who performed on Saturday night included Wilson Philips and Kesha.

On Thursday, perhaps as a sort of warm-up for the parade on Sunday, Tatum was goaded by the emcee of the variety show, Absinthe, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, into coming up onto the stage and showing off a few dance moves. Though Tatum has appeared in several movies since Magic Mike, like 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street with Jonah Hill and Foxcatcher, he got his big break and first came to the attention of his many fans in Magic Mike.

Tatum and his co-stars were not aware that they would be participating in the Los Angeles LGBT Pride parade until a few days before the event took place. According to a report by ET, the choreographers behind the dance moves of the stars did not know about the Magic Mike XXL parade float and that the three stars would be participating in the parade until four days ago. The stars just showed up and they did not even know until shortly before the parade that there was a float they would be dancing on.

Tatum spoke to ET about his taking part in the parade. He told ET that he just judges “the way they are in their heart and that’s all.”

Though Tatum, Bomer, and Rodriguez did not strip down when they showed off their dance moves on the parade float on Sunday, Tatum did suffer a wardrobe malfunction. Sometime during the parade, he must have gotten a bit over-enthusiastic with his dance moves, as he somehow managed to split his pants open. The crowds along the parade route were estimated to number approximately 400,000.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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