Chinese War Veterans Launch Beijing Protest Over Stolen Benefits

war veterans

war veterans

Earlier this week, Chinese war veterans launched a series of protests in regards to what they feel are stolen benefits, as well as multiple broken promises regarding medical security, pensions and the like following their efforts via military service over the years. Reports have stated that on Tuesday, June 23, around 1000 individuals took to the central military petition office in order to have a sit-in, and demand the rights they were blatantly informed they would receive but yet have still not heard anything in the slightest as to when a confirmed time of deliverance will be.

This was not actually anywhere near the amount that were scheduled to be a part of this endeavor; indeed, said reports revealed that 3000 people were set to join the protest but ended up being prevented from reaching Beijing by the authorities which run their respective hometowns.

The Chinese War Veterans having launched a protest in Beijing over stolen benefits is not said to go over well with the currently in power Communist Party, who attempt to maintain full dictatorship and control over military affairs of any kind. This is not the first time that there has been a dispute over such a matter, and those ruling do not approve. However, given that the media in this country is heavily monitored and instructed regarding what they can and cannot say, the military spokespeople claim to have no knowledge of the matter whatsoever.

Whether or not the Chinese war veterans who, earlier this week, protested in Beijing over allegedly stolen benefits, will face any persecution is not yet known. It also remains to be seen whether or not their situation will be rectified, in terms of if their allegations are in fact true in the first place.

Written and Edited By Chanel van der Woodsen


CTV News – Chinese war veterans protest in Beijing over missing benefit

Photo Courtesy of Jamie Davies Flickr Page – Creative Commons License