Country Rapper Big Smo Returning to A&E

Big Smo

The original series, Big Smo, is returning to the A&E network in July for a second season, following the country rapper in his rise to fame. The season returns with eight all new episodes set to premiere on July 21. Prior to the second season kick-off, the artist’s brand new EP of six tracks titled, Bringin’ It Home, releases June 16.

In the series, Big Smo, viewers get a chance to witness the country rapper keeping true to his friendships, Southern heritage, his fans as well as his family. Big Smo is a country boy from Unionville, Tennessee. His style is a blend of Southern rock, country music and even hip-hop. Although he has been putting music out under the radar for years, he is now signed with Warner Bros. Records.

Big Smo is passionate about his music, but above all else he is a family man first. On the show, viewers get a chance to see the musician interacting with and surrounded by an extended entourage of individuals. This entourage includes his friends from childhood, his mother, his two daughters and his wife. The programs showcases Smo striving to not only succeed but also stay grounded in a business that is known for being difficult and hard to live in.

Big SmoIn the second season of Big Smo returning to A&E, the country rapper is coming off the success of his first release from a major label, Kuntry Livin’. The album topped not only the country charts, but the rap charts as well. Now, Smo is attempting to convert more listeners to fans. With all of the success and milestones in his profession, however, there are also personal sacrifices that end up being made.

With demands from his label and a touring schedule that is hectic, Smo finds himself having difficulty balancing his many roles as son, father, husband with his role as an artist. He is also working on his second album, trying to make time to be with his wife, helping his daughters as they continue to grow up and deal with the angst of being teenagers, and also help his mother as she deals with one of the largest challenges the family has ever had to deal with, a battle with cancer.

On the professional side, viewers will witness Smo losing his partner in writing and a bandmate. He will also get the chance to perform with Lynyrd Skynyrd, a rock legend, and even John Rich, a superstar in country music. No matter what he is dealing with Big Smo is using his tenacity and love for the people in his life to motivate himself as he fights to continue to succeed as a musician and as an individual.

Brownstone Entertainment produces Big Smo for the A&E network. Bob Gillan and Drew Brown are the executive producers for Brownstone Entertainment. Pete DeLasho and Dan Nelson are executive producers, while Nicco Ardin is a co-executive producer for the program. Laurie Sharpe and Evan Lerner are executive producers for the A&E network.

Viewers interested in learning more about the country rapper, Big Smo can tune into the A&E network when the show returns this summer. In the meantime, they can also pick up the musician’s new album dropping in June. The new season of Country Rapper’s Big Smo is returning to A&E with back-to-back episodes premiering on July 21 at 10 p.m. EST.

By Kimberley Spinney


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A&E – Big Smo

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