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The Food Network’s 2015-2016 lineup was recently announced, and the schedule promises new and exciting changes, as well as the renewal of old favorites. The following represents everything the channel has to offer over the next year.

New Series (Primetime):

Spring Baking Championship (April 2015)
Cutthroat Kitchen: Evilicious (April 2015)
Guilty Pleasures (May 2015)
American Diner Revival (May 2015)
Top Five Restaurants (June 2015)
Craziest Restaurants in America (June 2015)
Beach Eats (wt) (July 2015)
Burgers, Brew and ‘Que (July 2015)
Southern Fried Road Trip (July 2015)
Cake Wars (July 2015)
Crazy Kitchen (wt) (August 2015)
Camp Cutthroat (August 2015)
Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off (August 2015)
Guy’s Grocery Games All-Stars (August 2015)
Deep Fried America (wt) (September 2015)
Chopped: After Hours (September 2015)
Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition (wt) (September 2015)
Halloween Baking Championship (October 2015)
Chopped: Impossible (October 2015)
Iron Chef America: Teens (wt) (October 2015)
Holiday Wars (wt) (November 2015)
Guy’s Grocery Games Tournament of Champions (November 2015)
Untitled Internet Reviewers Series (wt) (premiere date TBD 2015)
Bobby Flay Fit (January 2016)

The aforementioned list represents the upcoming series on The Food Network’s 2015-2016 lineup. Next, the shows that have been renewed for another season will be represented.

Renewed Series (Primtetime):

Chopped (for a 24th season) (April 2015)
Cutthroat Kitchen (for an eighth season) (April 2015)
Chopped: All-Stars (for a fourth season) (April 2015)
Guy’s Grocery Games (for a fifth season) (April 2015)
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (for a 23rd season) (June 2015)
Beat Bobby Flay (for a fifth season) (June 2015)
Mystery Diners (for a 10th season) (June 2015)
Food Network Star (for an 11th season) (June 2015)
Chopped Grill Masters (for a second season) (July 2015)
Chopped Teen Tournament (for a second season) (August 2015)
The Great Food Truck Race (for a sixth season) (August 2015)
Halloween Wars (for a fifth season) (October 2015)
Cutthroat Kitchen: Superstar Sabotage (for a second season) (November 2015)
Holiday Baking Championship (for a second season) (November 2015)
Worst Cooks in America (for an eighth season) (January 2016)
Kids Baking Championship (for a second season) (January 2016)

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Fans of the above mentioned cooking shows will be ecstatic that these shows have been renewed, as it means they get to tune in for another season and see all the excitement and drama that goes down in them. The next section details the upcoming shows that will air in the daytime on The Food Network.

New Series (Daytime):

Giada in Italy (July 2015)
Valerie’s California Kitchen (wt) (August 2015)
Rachael Ray at Home Series (wt) (September 2015)
Giada’s Holiday Handbook (October 2015)
Giada Entertains (January 2016)

These are the shows that will be coming to The Food Network for the first time, airing in the daytime. Next, the series which are returning for the daytime portion will be listed.

Renewed Series (Daytime):

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen (for a sixth season) (April 2015)
The Kitchen (for a sixth season) (May 2015)
Daphne Dishes (for a second season) (June 2015)
The Pioneer Woman (for an 11th season) (July 2015)
Farmhouse Rules (for a fifth season) (August 2015)
Brunch @ Bobby’s (for a sixth season) (September 2015)

Upcoming Series (Special):

Outrageous Wedding Cakes (June 2015)
Barefoot in California (July 2015)
Duff’s Cake Masters (wt) (August 2015)
Outrageous Halloween
(October 2015)
The Pioneer Woman Thanksgiving Special (November 2015)
A Barefoot Thanksgiving (November 2015)
Christmas at Bobby’s (wt) (December 2015)
A Barefoot Holiday (December 2015)

The Food Network’s 2015-2016 lineup seems to have quite a lot to offer. Fans of the reality cooking series will be ecstatic to have a slew of new programs on their televisions; whether or not these new shows will pan out, however, remains to be seen, as well as whether the renewed shows can retain their gusto for at least one more season.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


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    Please would you consider repeating Reza mahammed Indian series. Plus any new ones of course. What about the Sechuan revival in the states. Thank you for this opportunity!


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