Homer Simpson and Marge Split Will Not Last

Fans were shocked when they found out the famous Simpson‘s couple is going to split up during Season 27. Executive Producer (EP) Al Jean, told sources in an interview, the longest married TV couple is going to split up for two to three episodes due to Homer falling in love with his pharmacist. The split between Homer and Marge will not last, but fans should expect many more surprises throughout the new season.

Although the couple has been together for almost 30 years, it is still surprising to some fans that the show is still running, and it is about to hit a milestone mark of 625 episodes. The number of episodes the animated show has made is record-breaking because most TV shows have only made it to 600, and The Simpson’s has Season 28 pending to be released once the Season 27 is over.

Spoilers ahead.

Marge and Homer will make their split during the first episode of the season, but it will not last since many fans became hysterical once the news broke in an interview. Homer meets his newfound love in the season premiere when he finds out he has narcolepsy, a chronic neurologic disorder which affects the control of sleeping, forcing one to fall asleep at any given moment. The disease began to put a strain on his marriage, when Homer would fall asleep during important family events, so he went out to find a cure and met the woman, voiced by Lena Dunham from Girls, who has a cure for all of his needs.

Due to Homer’s new love, the Simpson’s legally separate. Although the 30 year couple have had many breakups and separations throughout their films and television shows this will be the first time the two separate legally. Fans are very unhappy about the news along with their son Bart Simpson who was posted via twitter in an image writing on a chalkboard repeatedly stating, “Marge and Homer are not breaking up.”  The producer told sources the news about the couple’s divorce was misinterpreted by the show’s fans.Simpson

Since it is the first time the couple is separating legally it is not the first time the couple has been divorced. According to sources, this new season is the 20th anniversary of their divorce, which occurred in a 1996 episode called A Milhouse Divided. Marge was secretly divorced by Homer in a romantic gesture, for their remarriage to be better than the previous one.

Believing their remarriage was better than the previous one, six years ago an episode revealed the two were divorced for almost a decade, due to their reverend not having a valid license to marry. The upcoming season pending the couple’s separation is just another twist to the Simpson’s crazy relationship.

Jean also revealed information about the couple’s children, Lisa and Bart. Lisa is said to become friends with an amazing singer, who is a homeless woman voiced by SNL Kate McKinnon. Bart will be killed in a Halloween special by Sideshow Bob, and he will also have his Boyhood musical spin with a parody designed around him.

There is a lot to expect from the new season of The Simpson’s airing in September. Fans can now stop their mourning since Homer and Marge’s split will not last.

Opinion By Krystle Mitchell

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