Dead Penguins Wash Up on Uruguay Coast

dead penguins

Dozens of dead penguins have washed up on the shore of Uruguay over the last three days, according to a statement from a government official on Thursday. The discovery has baffled local scientists, who are attempting to find out if this was the result of an accident or a possible waterborne virus.

Earlier this week, a small group of dead penguins was found on a beach near Rocha, around 200 km east of the capital, Montevideo. Another group of deceased aquatic birds was found just outside of the vacation town of Punta del Este. National Directorate of Water Resources Graciela Fabiano said that this is not that uncommon of an occurrence.

Fabiano explained that even though the administration does not have a tracking system for the penguins, they sometimes show up on the coast during the early summer as they migrate, but they do occasionally show up dead. She stated although the discovery of the dead penguins is not that out of the ordinary, the case will be investigated to see if the birds were suffering from some type of aliment not associated to their migratory patterns.

By Alex Lemieux


The Straits Times: Dozens of penguins wash up dead on coast of Uruguay

Photo Courtesy of David Stanley’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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