‘Deadliest Catch’ With New Life

Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch

New life comes into the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch, in the form of a renovation to a ship and with prominent member of the show Jake Anderson becoming a father in the right time. The news for Anderson comes right in time for Father’s Day and now the risk taker must evaluate his life.

In an interview, Anderson stated that he wanted to smash himself in the head with a hammer. He went on to add that he was an active user of the breathing techniques, while attending breathing-technique classes with his wife. The sailor said that his wife was not getting any contractions, but he was already practicing the techniques due to the worry of her going into to labor after he left. Furthermore he said that it was a fear of his to miss the birth, and he had to purchase a plane ticket every day up until the birth so that he could make it on time.

Deadliest CatchSwitching to the crap fishing ship Cornelia Marie; the latest owners Roger Thomas and Kari Toivola (his partner) who bought 50 percent of the boat in March, are now assisting current owners Josh Harris and Casey McManus to perform much-needed improvements to the vessel. The shareholder said in an interview:

“We knew that, if we bought shares in her, she would require new engines and new decking under the accommodation area.” The boat was assembled in 1989, at Alabama’s Bayou LaBatre, 26 years ago. The vessel was crafted with an antique aft that is cabin style, along with a 128ft ultra marine blue hull which was in good condition. The  problem was in the engine room, where about 70 percent of the steel deck located under the accommodation block was in a bad shape. This much-needed new life has been inserted into one of the main attractions on the Deadliest Catch.

The Deadliest Catch vessel also had the need for a pair of tired 650 HP Mitsubishi mains to be replaced, in addition to upgrades for two of the three gensets. With a commitment to Alaska’s Bristol Bay, the new owners rushed to get the work done on the vessel in the middle of June. The boat, which arrived at Seattle on March 17, went straight to the shipyard; this allowed for the work to be done on the main accommodation area, along with the mess and galley, to be gutted. The concrete floor of the ship, with its steel under it, was replaced. The Cornelia Marie gets an upgrade in her powering, with a pair of electronic-controlled 750-HP Cummins QSK19-M diesels inserted into her, along with two new gen sets.

Now that 13 weeks have passed, as well as a number of trials, the Deadliest Catch vessel is now ready to get back to the seas of Alaska. The boat comes with a capacity to hold around 630,000lb in RSW of salmon and 315,000lb of crabs, which is carried live in the seawater. This allows fans of the show to see how this new life operates with its personnel on the Deadliest Catch for the upcoming seasons.

By Andrew Joseph

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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  1. To bad that Josh and Casey had to sell 50% of the boat to get the much needed repairs done on the Cornelia Marie but am glad to hear that those old POS main engines are gone. Truthfully those main engines should have been replaced when Phil was alive because he was always having problems with them I remember one season he had one of the engines rebuilt before Red Crab season than once during Red Crab season and again during Opie season. That season alone he could of purchased one new main engine.

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