Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus, the Official ‘Walking Dead’ Lovers



Hollywood always has a very unique method of producing very adorable couples. It feels like executives perfectly place a group of celebrities into one show, knowing that a relationship would occur. A perfect example would be Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens when they were in the cast for High School Musical. They went ahead to pursue a relationship, and were a very cute couple. The same instance happened with Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus, the official Walking Dead lovers.

Who can forget Kinney’s character? She was the young Beth, who seemed to have trouble in the relationship department. First she dated Jimmy, who was killed off in season 2. She later began dating Zach in season 3, who also shared the same fate. Once season 4 was beginning to wrap up, Beth was beginning to get friendly with the bad-boy Daryl.

Daryl is one of the more popular characters in the series – he was super rebellious, showed up to save the day at the nick of time, rocked a crossbow, and was just overall cool. Beth was the first person he ever showed a lot of affection to, despite being stern with others. As soon season 4 was wrapping up, the chemistry between Beth and Daryl took a catastrophic turn for the worst. Walking Dead, with its reputation to kill off unexpected characters, finished off its fourth season by having Beth murdered in a gruesome way. The most depressing part about her murder is the fact that it was an accident. Her death left Daryl very apathetic throughout most of season 5.

Kinney’s leave from the Walking Dead cast surely did not mean that she lost contact with her on-screen boo. According to an anonymous source who personally knows Kinney and Reedus, the official Walking Dead lovers had established a connection off the screen very early in the show. After the season 4 finale, their romance began to spark. They found time to start seeing each other, whether it was fan conventions or Reedus supporting Kinney at one of her music gigs.

Currently, Reedus is at work with the Walking Dead cast members in Atlanta to film season 6 of the series. Fans better brace themselves for this next season. There are rumors circulating that Daryl might get killed off in this season. Is it about time he dies? That may anger a ton of fans, but the show has already had its moments to not be so friendly to the watchers. Maybe this death will be a peaceful one where he will feel calm knowing that his beloved Beth will be on the other side. Reedus will also be featured in a Sci-fi film, Air which will be in theaters August.

Kinney is hard at work with her music career. She has released two albums and is set to release a third full-length one in October. This Friday also marks the end of her US tour. It will be exciting to see what awaits for Kinney and Reedus, the official Walking Dead lovers.

Opinion by Frank Grados

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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