Death, Sex & Hell: 12 Questions Answered by Adult Swim’s Henry Zebrowski


The 12 questions and answers in the interview with actor and comedian, Henry Zebrowski, that follows contain some adult content, so be warned ahead of time. Zebrowski was one of the stars of Wolf of Wall Street and he is now one of the main stars of the Adult Swim series, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell. The much-anticipated premiere of the second season of the hit show will be on Sunday, July 12th at 12:15 a.m. (ET/PT) on Adult Swim.

In Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, Zebrowski plays Gary, a (relatively) kind-hearted associate demon. The show follows his attempts to capture souls on earth in order to climb the corporate ladder of the underworld. According to a press release issued about the Adult Swim series, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell “ranked #1 among young adults and men, outdistancing direct competition such as Comedy Central, Spike, Nick-at-Nite, MTV, and FX by double to quadruple digits.”

Zebrowski graciously offered to take a little bit of time out of his busy schedule to answer the 12 questions in the interview below. He deals with the Big Issues, like Death, Sex, & Hell, in a seriously twisted but humorous way, both in the following interview and on Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell.

1.) Guardian Liberty Voice: Hi, Henry! How does it feel being one of the stars of the hottest live-action Adult Swim TV series, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell?

Henry Zebrowski: This is my favorite job I have ever gotten to do. Besides being rode like a horse by a bunch of strippers during Wolf Of Wall Street but that wasn’t on set.

I get to be a human cartoon which is really freeing, and I get a lot of things placed inside of my butt. That’s where I get conflicted because I am obviously just a target of Dave Willis’s and Casper Kelly’s dark fantasies. But I’ll take the money!

I absolutely love doing this show.


2.) Guardian Liberty Voice: What motivates your character, Gary, the most, and what does he think of Satan and his fellow co-worker in Hell, Claude?

Henry Zebrowski: Gary is mostly concerned with putting two rocks together to look like boobies and trying to find a place to hide from the giant masturbating spider. He’s a simple guy, adaptable. He was probably a real awkward but sweet guy while he was alive but now that he’s in hell mostly he’s trying to get along. Making friends with guys over in the Rape Department because you do NOT want to be on their bad side.

Gary never had a father figure in his life so he looks up to Satan like he is his dad. Which is a really screwed up situation cause Satan cuts Gary’s penis off a lot. But Satan’s rule of Gary’s life in hell gives him structure, which is really all that Gary craves. He likes his cubicle, his job whipping people and every once and a while Satan allows him to not be destroyed by a bunch of whirring gears in a ripping machine.

Gary wants to love Claude but Claude is such a d**k. Claude always busts up Gary’s plans, and is always putting him down and pointing him out to Jeffrey Dahmer so that he can molest him. But you gotta stick by your friends. And Claude is the closest thing in a million miles Gary can vaguely call a friend.

3.) Guardian Liberty Voice: How long does it usually take to make an episode? do sketches have to get sent off somewhere, like Korea, to get animated?

Henry Zebrowski: I have no idea exactly how long. But it seems like it takes a lot of time and effort. Mostly I just sit in my trailer getting fed grapes by my many assistants while a woman who can’t speak English massages my legs. It’s hard to be an actor.

It’s gotta be coming from Korea cause the boxes the final tapes come shipped in are always half full of refugees? We send them back because Adult Swim believes in firm borders around America.

4.) Guardian Liberty Voice: What do you think about your cast members? Do you interact with them in the same room while Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell is being recorded, or are all of the voices recorded separately?

Henry Zebrowski: We tolerate each other. Craig forces me to hide his many affairs from his new wife, which is stressful. He’s also a binge eater and has to wear spanks to appear remotely attractive on camera. More secrets.

Matt Servitto has been acting since 1942 so it’s really great to hear what Chaplin was like. Apparently, very quiet!

We are a live show so we are always in the same room. I LOVE the rest of the cast and the crew to the point where we hang out quite a bit offset perhaps negatively effecting our shoots because of all the drinking. They are like my second family and taught me the power and mercy of our Dark Lord and Savior Satan.

5.) Guardian Liberty Voice: What is it about the show that you think makes it so popular? The irreverent wit, perhaps, or your impressive vocal talents, or the incredible animation?

Henry Zebrowski: People love the sex in the show. You get a group of hot young actors Craig, Matt myself and you just let the chemistry really get people going. You know how many love letters I get about Gary in Your Pretty Face? Up to four! All from men on death row. But it’s working!

Also I have been actively paying people to watch the show. If you are around me and I have had 4 or 5 beers I’ll probably slip you a $20 bill and tell you to pinky swear me to watch the show. Then probably be like “how about we go kiss for a little bit?” and then you’ll be like “no man, I just met you man, I’m not into it” and I’ll be like “You’re right, you’re right, I always DO THIS. I NEVER READ ANYBODY RIGHT!” And storm off into the night.


6.) Guardian Liberty Voice: Is there a certain episode, from the first season, Henry, or maybe more than one, that is your favorite? If so, why? And what is your favorite scene upcoming?

Henry Zebrowski: My favorite episode from season 1 is “Devil In The Details” the one where Satan tells me to go to Earth and create a Satanic musical. When we were shooting the scenes between Craig and I in his office we improved so much that we took a four line scene and it became 15 minutes long. Which is longer than the actual show. I remember that day being the day where we really figured out our dynamic and how far we could go with the characters.

This next season is going to blow people’s minds. Each episode has moments that I am proud of and excited to see again. Mostly I want people to watch the whole thing and count how many times 1) there are things stuck up my a** 2) when I am totally covered in some disgusting juice or paste or goo or slime.

7.) Guardian Liberty Voice: Other than Death, Sex, and Hell, are there any other taboo sorts of subjects that Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell deals with?

Henry Zebrowski: Abortion is a big issue. How everyone needs to do it once. Never have sex with a witch. You can’t make a pony act if it’s not gonna act. Human Centipede is brought up quite a bit.

8.) Guardian Liberty Voice: How did you hear about this gig, Henry?

Henry Zebrowski: My agent asked me to audition for it, then I did and I thought “well I totally screwed that up” then three months later I get a call saying Dave and Casper want to bring me in for a call back. And then I went to that and we laughed a bunch and then they gave it to me when Chris Pratt had lost all the weight.

9.) Guardian Liberty Voice: Do you have any input about the script?

Henry Zebrowski: We improv a lot, that’s where Craig and I add stuff. The first season DVD has over 2 hours of cut footage, that’s how much we improv. But Dave and Casper’s scripts are f**king hilarious and easy to jump off from because they are filled with such great ideas.

10.) Guardian Liberty Voice: Finally, without spilling too many beans, Henry, could you give our readers any ideas what the second season of Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell will be about?

Henry Zebrowski: Life, love, sex, passion, religion, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, kittens, Caitlyn Jenner and money, power, violence and redemption.

11.) Guardian Liberty Voice: What new faces can we expect to see in hell this season? Are there any guest stars this season?

Henry Zebrowski: Jack McBrayer comes in for an episode and it’s great! We have a bunch of great local Atlanta actors in the show too. Elyse Dufour is gonna be famous one day. Jim Santangeli is the best. It’s a really great group of people.

12.) Guardian Liberty Voice: You have double the season order of episodes of Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell this year. Were there any challenges you faced with that?

Henry Zebrowski: We just have to maintain the health of our skin because after three months of wearing that make up the skin starts falling off your body.

Guardian Liberty Voice: Thanks, Henry, for agreeing to do this interview with me and answering 12 questions about”Death, Sex, & Hell”! It sounds like the second season of Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell just might end up being even more sick, twisted, and funny than the first season!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Adult Swim Press Release
Henry Zebrowski Answering Questions

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