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Blind Jack Russell Terrier Has Guide Dog of Its Own


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In one of the most heartwarming news stories to hit the headlines in quite some time, recent reports introduced readers to a blind Jack Russell terrier which, instead of living the life of a guide dog itself as most canines do, is lucky enough to have a guide dog of its own. The pair, the second of which is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, are said to be looking for a home together after being found abandoned in Hartlepool, Durham.

The animals were discovered in a sea tunnel in the aforementioned England area, and upon being rescued they were transported to Coxhoe’s Stray Aid center. The Jack Russell Terrier’s name is Glenn, and the Stafford Bull Terrier is called Buzz. The staff is desperately hoping to find the animals a loving, caring home (given what they went through) but the issue is that the two cannot be separated. According to sources, both of them experience severe upset and separation anxiety if pulled apart for even a few short minutes. Although it is not yet certain, staff at the above facility believe that the dogs are between the ages of nine and 10, and that this is likely why they were abandoned by the unidentified owner. There is also speculation that the two are not strangers; in fact, staff voiced their opinion that the pair most likely have been together for a long time, due to how well they get along and their closeness in age.

jack russell terrier

Staff member Sue Bielby stated to The Daily Mail that everyone who works at the Coxhoe Stray Aid instantly fell in love with the dogs, and that despite his appearance the Jack Russell Terrier has exhibited a loving and exuberant personality that more than makes up for his eyes. She goes on to state that the blind Jack Russell Terrier gets his confidence from its own guide dog, Buzz, and that the two work together magnificently. Glenn is said to follow Buzz wherever he goes, as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier acts as his eyes, and vice versa in that the Bull Terrier does not wish to be anywhere away from his friend either. Glenn is helped to his bed by the other dog, as well as led to his food bowl. When they are outside, however, the blind dog is said to do just fine on his own in terms of running and playing. Inside, he will bump into things and therefore needs assistance regarding where to go.

John Bielby, the manager of the Stray Aid, says that despite being abandoned for whatever amount of time, the two canines are seemingly as happy as can be and have adjusted extremely well to their current location. They reportedly behave remarkably both inside and outside the kennel, and do not get into any kind of altercations with any other animals at the shelter.

In terms of what kind of home the staff would approve of for the dogs, manager Bielby says that it will preferably be someone older, most likely retired. The residence should be quiet and peaceful, with children in the home not really being an option. There is not yet any word on whether the staff have any suitable prospects for re-homing the blind Jack Russell Terrier who has a guide dog of its own, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Written and Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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