‘Tonight Show’ Guests Were Mark Wahlberg and Chris Colfer

Tonight Show

Mark Wahlberg from Ted 2 and actor Chris Colfer from Glee were the two main guests host Jimmy Fallon interviewed on the Tonight Show this Thursday. Fallon and Wahlberg played the new game, Headshots, later in the episode. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was Morrissey.

Fallon started out the Tonight Show by getting a standing ovation from the studio audience. Then, he did his monologue, joking about news items like the race for the Republican presidential nomination. He also joked about Bobby Jindal running for the presidency. the 13th Republican to put his hat into the ring. Fallon said “He’s less popular than yellow Jolly Ranchers.”

He said that “Howard Stern will not be returning to America’s Got Talent. When asked why he won’t be returning, he said ‘It turns out, it doesn’t.'”

Fallon also said that Kanye West told people to think of himself not as a “god” but as “a maid who cleans your house.” The members of The Roots said things like “Stop thinking about Kanye West dressed up like a sexy French maid.”

He also joked about Lexus developing a hoverboard, and Good Humor bringing back their trucks after 30 years. Fallon said, “I guess that’s two things that Chris Christie will be running for.”

Fallon said “New research suggests that watching cat videos online can improve your mood.” He showed some funny cat videos as a serious newscaster related a dull, sad story, to see if the cat videos would help. They did, apparently, causing the audience to laugh.

Fallon said Mark Wahlberg from Ted 2 will be on, and later, he and Mark played a game called Headshots, shooting objects off of each other’s heads. Chris Colfer from Glee will be talking about a book that he has written, and the Tonight Show‘s musical guest will be Morrissey, Fallon said.

Then, Fallon did the comedy bit, “Tonight Show Hashtags.” The subject this week was about GMail’s new feature. It was called #EmailFail. One was “Sorry, sir, I can’t come into work today. I’m in bed with a nasty clown…I mean, cold.” Another one was “I accidentally typed ‘me’ instead of ‘my’ so my conference call sounded like I was a pirate.” Still another was “My co-worker sent an email asking for help to get his wife turned on. He meant, ‘WiFi.'”

Following a break, Fallon introduced Mark Wahlberg, who stars in Ted 2. “They love you! I love you! You’re the real deal!” Fallon told Wahlberg.

They talked about NFL football and Wahlberg’s favorite team, the Patriots, and about quarterback Tom Brady. Fallon showed Wahlberg a photo of Wahlberg going out onto the field after the last Super Bowl, to be with Tom Brady and rejoice in the victory.

Then, they talked about Ted 2, and Tom Brady being in the movie. Wahlberg said that Brady had come to see the first film being shot, and Wahlberg suggested that Brady be in the sequel. Wahlberg said that Morgan Freeman was also in the movie, and he got to tell Morgan to “Go f**k yourself.”

Fallon said that the Busby Berkley bit with over 100 dancers at the start of the movie was great and he and Mark talked about how Seth MacFarlane had to fight to get it into the flick. Then, Fallon showed a clip from Ted 2. It was the one in which Ted meets his lawyer, a woman named Sam L. Jackson, like the actor, though she does not get the reference.

Tonight Show

After another commercial break on the Tonight Show, Fallon and Wahlberg played a new game called Headshots. He and Wahlberg had odd-looking outfits on wearing helmets with platforms on top of their objects. They each took turns shooting random objects off of each other’s heads. Fallon had a basket of colored plastic balls on his head and Wahlberg shot it off.

Next on the Tonight Show, it was Fallon’s turn. Wahlberg had a bowl of popcorn on his head. After three shots, Fallon hit it.

Then, Fallon had a fish bowl filled with something, maybe colored gravel, on his head. In two shots, Wahlberg hit it. Next, Fallon had to shoot a bowl of colored feathers off of Wahlberg’s head. He eventually hit it, but he was losing, 7-3. They both ended the game by shooting at bowls of nuts on each others’ heads, and both hit the bowls at more or less the same time.

Tonight Show

More commercials ensued, and then, when the Tonight Show returned, Fallon introduced his second guest, Chris Colfer from Glee. Colfer talked about his latest book, The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms, that is not out yet but can be pre-ordered. Fallon asked Colfer how his grandmother was doing. Colfer said he had told her he met Hillary Clinton. She did not like that news very much.

Colfer talked with Fallon about his grandmother, and having taken his entire family to Europe. Chris said that his grandmother almost got kicked out of a few places, one place because she snuck in food in her purse.

Then on the Tonight Show, Colfer talked about his cat, who is on a diet. Colfer brought in a video of his dog and cat playing, though it looked as if they were maybe fighting. They both talked about Colfer’s books and that they are very popular, read by a lot of pre-teens and teens and Colfer said younger people mostly know him as being an author, rather than from his acting on Glee.

Tonight Show

When the Tonight Show came back following another commercial break, Fallon introduced the episode’s musical guest, Morrissey. Fallon said Morrissey will be performing his single, Kiss Me a Lot, from his latest album, World Peace Is None of Your Business. He will be in concert this Saturday night at a sold-out Madison Square Garden. It was a fantastic song, and Morrissey looks like he is still going strong and he keeps on coming out with amazing music.

Fallon’s two main guests that he interviewed on the Tonight Show were actor Mark Wahlberg from the upcoming movie, Ted 2, and actor and author Chris Colfer. Ted 2 looks like it is going to be a bigger hit, possibly, than even Ted, which became the highest-earning R-rated comedy ever. Colfer talked in his interview with Fallon about his soon-to-be-released novel, The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms, and Morrissey ended the episode in style, singing one of his latest songs, Kiss Me A Lot.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

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