Flibanserin Is Being Dubbed the Female Viagra, but Is It Really?

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The Business Insider has announced that a new drug called Flibanserin is now being backed by the United States FDA. The drug is being dubbed the female Viagra in that it is supposed to enhance a woman’s sexual desire. The FDA voted in favor of the drug so long as the manufacturer outlines the potential risks involved and makes the product as safe to use as possible.
The Business Insider noted that the product may be called the female Viagra, but all is not what it seems. The article went on to say that Viagra for men is about directing blood flow to that area so that men can get and also keep an erection. Flibanserin, according to the article, is not about that. It is more about boosting the psychological desire for sex in women. The drug is supposed to be taken daily and after a period of time, chemicals in the brain are affected. As the levels are affected, the psychological desire for sex increases.

The article added that it is ridiculous that the drug is being called female Viagra because it has nothing to do with blood flow. Bat Sheva Marcus, who is a sexual dysfunction specialist, said that it should not be called female Viagra in that it has nothing to do with Viagra for men, and is completely different. Marcus is a specialist at the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in New York. An attempt by the makers of Viagra, Pfizer, to market the medication to women failed in 2004 when it was determined that although the drug did cause increased blood flow to the area, women’s desire for sex was not enhanced. The original product seemed to only have an affect on men.

Flibanserin is being dubbed as the female Viagra, but is it really? Not according to many specialists, including Marcus, who say that it is different. The drug does target dopamine and norepinephrine, which are two neurotransmitters in the brain. Both encourage sexual desire and the drug’s targeting of these could help to increase interest in sex. Forbes said that while the drug may not be female Viagra so to speak, it could be an option for women who feel hopeless because nothing else has worked. Middletown Press described the affects of the drug as modest and some experts even say that the Flibanserin will only help some. The FDA’s panelists even stated that the drug will not work for everyone.Flibanserin

Some experts are somewhat concerned about the side effects associated with taking Flibanserin. Fainting and drowsiness could be a result of taking the drug, and the risk is said to be increased if taken along with alcohol. Experts fear that with the amount the average American drinks, this could be an issue. The mix of Flibanserin and alcohol could be problematic, according to the Middletown Press article.

The drug has proven to be effective in some of the trials. Some women did report that they were having more satisfying sex and their sexual desire had been improved after taking the drug. Others stated that their desire for sex had not been enhanced. As The Business Insider put it, there is no sure way to know whether or not it will work for everyone. It is really trial and error. The disappointing fact, continued the article, is that Flibanserin is designed to improve sexual desire, but has not proven to be able to do that completely.

Although Flibanserin is being dubbed as the female Viagra, it really does not seem to be the case based on reports. Viagra’s purpose is to direct blood flow to the area and this drug is completely different. Flibanserin is more about enhancing sexual desire and. in some cases, it has not even proven to be effective in this regard. The drug appears to be an option for some but not for all.

By Heather Granruth

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