Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen Against Rebels Leave 45 Dead



On Sunday, 45 people were killed in Sanaa, Yemen, after a Saudi-led airstrike leveled a rebel stronghold in the center of the capital. According to local authorities, at least 20 of the casualties were civilians.

Witnesses on the ground stated the Saudi-led airstrikes destroyed five residential homes, damaging dozens more. After the damage was assessed, the rebel-controlled Saba news channel stated 20 civilians and 25 soldiers had been killed, leaving over hundred more wounded.

The capital raid on the rebel headquarters came just one day after a Scud missile was fired from the insurgents in downtown Sanaa. The battle-scarred country has been subject to rocket fire and heavy machine gun fire ever since the government collapsed, allowing Islamic extremists rebels to take control of the city.

The attack comes just one week before the country’s Shiite Houthi rebels and its exiled government will come tot he discussion table as scheduled by a UN confirmation on June 14 in Geneva.

Currently, the Houthi rebels are in control of several strategic towns in the northern Yemen. Additional airstrikes hit the Saada, Hajja, and Amran provinces, according to local reports.

By Alex Lemieux


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Photo Courtesy of Flox Papa’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License