Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Has Big Plans if He Wins Presidency

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Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, has announced that he is running for president in the 2016 race. After a successful run as governor in the great state of Texas, Perry feels that he could make a difference as president, according to The Wall Street Journal. His goal is to give power to the middle class, create more jobs, and raise wages. Perry feels that this has been done in Texas, so it is possible for all over the United States, according to the article. Perry has big plans if he wins the presidency.

The former Texas governor also made mention of his military training and how he plans to use a more aggressive approach in dealing with the Middle East and all of the conflicts. Perry added that if he wins the presidency, he plans to take back any agreement that has been made with Iran. He also said that withdrawing troops from Iraq was a bad move on Obama’s part and weakness within the United States has brought about weakness worldwide. He pointed out how he feels that Obama’s leadership has brought about chaos. The Wall Street Journal also said that Perry plans to put additional money into the policing of the Mexican border. The goal being to prevent cross border crime. Texas

Perry has big plans if he wins the presidency and stated in an NPR interview that improvements need to be made in terms of the relationship between the government and citizens. Perry previously got into trouble for abuse of power during his run as governor and is currently under indictment. He does not plan on letting this get in the way of a potential presidential victory. The article said that he has a lot of ideas about what he wants to accomplish if made president and accepting weakness is not among them. He said that people should not have to tolerate or accept weakness abroad or slow economic recovery in the U.S.

Texas remains a positive in terms of the economy. Perry had served as governor from 2000 to 2015 and The New York Times said that Perry helped to improve the Texas economy. Texas helped to create more American jobs, three out of ten according to statistics. Employment rose about 2.2 million and payrolls saw an increase of around six percent. His supporters find many of his ideas appealing such as having no state income tax and tax breaks for businesses, to name some.

Perry has said that Americans need real and strong leadership and his plan if elected is to give that to them. The former Texas governor told supporters that his big plan is to grow and strengthen the economy. This is the sole purpose of him running for president he said, to project true American strength and power. NPR said that he does not want to make the mistakes of the Obama Administration. He wants to build America back up from all of the chaos that it has faced.

After his 2012 loss in the presidential race, Perry has been trying to recoup. There are many opponents in the Republican Party that could put his campaign at risk and he faces critics who do not want someone with criminal charges against them as president, but Perry is pushing forward. He stated that he has been doing his homework so he is better prepared this time. He has spent the past eighteen months in preparation and trying to avoid the mistakes of the past. The former Texas governor is looking to the future and leaving the past behind according to The New York Times. He has big plans for this country if he is elected president and does not plan on letting anything get in his way.

By Heather Granruth


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