Chris Pratt Blamed Wife for His Having Weighed Almost 300 Pounds

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt has been open about his struggles with weight, saying in a recent interview in July’s issue of U.K. Men’s Health that he once put on so much weight that he reached 300 pounds. He stated that the extra pounds were effecting his health adversely, and he felt depressed and even became impotent. In the interview, he blamed his wife, actress Anna Faris, and also his love of comedy, for his dramatic weight gain.

In the Men’s Health interview, Pratt, 35, said that his wife was the kind of person who gets into feeding her man. Pratt compared his wife to “Momma Bear,” and himself to “Papa Bear” in their joint eating habits. He said that his wife “would eat a little bit,” of her meal, and then he would not only eat all of his own meal but also “the rest of hers.” Pratt also compared himself to Hansel, getting fattened up by the witch, to be eaten.

When Pratt played the lovable and often goofy-acting character, Andy Dwyer, on the NBC comedy Parks & Rec, he did not care as much about gaining the extra pounds, as then it was for comedic effect. Gaining weight even became like a game for him, and the cast of the show was into the idea of Pratt’s continued weight gain as he continued to play the role.

Chris Pratt stated “I said to the creators that I wanted to get fatter for the role. They loved it.” Pratt added that the game basically was “how fat can I get and how fast.” At every script reading, the Star-Lord said that he “would eat four burgers.”

While Pratt could justify his weight gain, in part, in that it became expected of him in his role of Andy Dwyer, the extra pounds caused the actor to experience a range of health problems and unhappiness. Chris Pratt stated that being overweight is “bad for your heart, your skin, your system, your spirit.” Pratt said that the only times he was able to get a bit of respite when he was overweight “were when I was eating.” Then, he said that he felt great; but, the stretches in-between meals, he said, “were totally negative.”

By way of contrasting the happiness that he feels now, Chris Pratt called mealtimes “sometimes lame.” However, he said that now, during the much longer times between meals, he feels “great.”

When Chris Pratt slimmed down to play Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, it was not the first time that he has slimmed down for a role. In-between when he was still playing Andy Dwyer on Parks & Rec, Pratt slimmed down to play Scott Hatteberg for the movie Moneyball. Also, in Zero Dark Thirty, Pratt added some extra muscle playing a Navy SEAL.

After that memorable role, Chris Pratt decided to do whatever it might take to keep the pounds off. Having a body that looks more like that of a comic book hero helped land Pratt the dual role of Peter Quill/Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris Pratt’s latest role is playing the dinosaur trainer, Owen, in the blockbuster summer thriller, Jurassic World, which will open in the United States on June 12. He will also be in an upcoming movie, The Magnificent Seven.

Though Chris Pratt did put at least some of the blame on his having once weighed almost 300 pounds on his wife, Anna Faris, he realizes that she was just trying to take care of him and show him her love for him. Now, though, Pratt wants to live a healthier lifestyle, and he would like to keep on playing the leading man role for as long as possible. He has vowed that the days he came close to topping the scales at nearly 300 pounds are behind him for good.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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