Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Catchphrase’ With Amanda Seyfried and Marlon Wayans

Jimmy Fallon

On the Tonight Show this Friday, Jimmy Fallon’s two main guests were Amanda Seyfried from Ted 2 and comedian and actor, Marlon Wayans. The musical guest was Jason Derulo. Jimmy Fallon also played a game of Catchphrase with Seyfried, Wayans and Derulo, and did his weekly “Thank You Notes” comedy segment.

Jimmy Fallon was welcomed by a standing ovation from the studio audience. He then did his monologue, cracking jokes about topics like Lincoln Chafee, former governor of Rhode Island, announcing that he will be running against Hillary for the Democratic presidential nomination. Fallon joked about Rick Perry announcing that he would be also running. He showed Rick Perry giving a speech, getting a lot of applause when he mentioned that he had been an Eagle Scout, but when he said he got his degree in “Animal Science,” that did not get very much applause, for some reason.

Jimy Fallon also made jokes about the first game of the NBA Finals and he showed a clip about a sports announcer who talked about one of the players “being in the shower,” a little bit too much. He said “There’s a new study that shows that the attention span of the average American has dropped to just eight seconds.”

Jimmy Fallon then talked about last night’s “Tonight Show Superlatives” bit about the players in this year’s Stanley Cup. He mentioned some guests who will be on next week, then said that “From Ted 2, the lovely, the talented, Amanda Seyfried will be here.” He said that they would be playing the game Catchphrase later. Marlon Wayans will also be on, and Jason Derulo will sing Want to Want Me.

Then, he did his weekly “Thank You Notes” comedy segment. He and announcer, Steve Higgins, messed with James Posey of The Roots. Fallon wished him a “Happy birthday.” Then, he began the “Thank You Notes.” He said “Thank you, surprise cards from your boyfriend that say ‘Just Because,’ for making you wonder what he has done. Thank you, Cake Balls, for not being called Tasty Balls. Thank you, people who get mad at their plane being delayed, for letting me know that you’d rather die than wait at an airport. Thank you, Shandy, for being a delicious summertime treat, and for also being the name of a stripper. Thank you, garlic knots, for being garlic bread that does yoga.”

Back from the first break of the show, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest, Amanda Seyfried, one of the stars of the upcoming movie, Ted 2, in theaters on June 26. Fallon showed the cover of Vogue, which has Amanda on the cover. They talked about her appearing in a Broadway play, and how nervous she felt performing live in front of people.

The play is a two-person play. It will be running for around another three weeks. “I feel like I’m doing a really good job,” she said. They both stood up, and bowed together.

Back in their seats, Fallon said he had seen pictures of Amanda’s dog, Finn, and he said he really loved the dog. Fallon showed photos of Finn, dressed up in various costumes by Seyfried. In one photo, she even dressed Finn up like a Martian.

Seyfried talked about Mark Wahlberg, who likes to get back at anyone who does a prank on him. She had jumped out and had surprised Mark, and he retaliated by taking Finn out of her trailer. He made her think that Finn had run away. However, Wahlberg called someone, and an Escalade came riding up with Finn in the back seat “eating free range chicken.” Seyfried said that she plays a lawyer, Samantha L. Jackson, or Sam L. Jackson. She represents Ted, who wants to be considered legally to be a human. Fallon then challenged her to a game of Catchphrase, which he said they will play after the next commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

After the break, Jimmy Fallon and Amanda Seyfried played Catchphrase with their special guests, Marlon Wayans, from I Can Do That, and his teammate, Jason Derulo. Fallon explained the rules and they started playing. Marlon gave the first clue, for “Brain Freeze.” Derulo got it right. Amanda gave a clue to Fallon, and he also got the answer corrct. Jason DeRulo had a difficult time getting Marlon to guess “The Little Mermaid,” but she did get it.

Jimmy Fallon then got Amanda to say “Bromance.” Marlon tried to get Jason DeRulo to say “Farmer’s Tan,” but Marlon said “I don’t even know what a ‘Farmer’s Tan,’ is!”

Jimmy Fallon said that clue had not been fair, so they did another round. Jason tried to get Marlon to guess “Opera.” He did; then Fallon got Amanda to guess “Humblebrag.” It was a pretty cool game.

Jimmy Fallon

Following another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced Marlon Wayans. Wayans had been on Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV, and he lost to Queen Latifah. He also hosts NBC’s new show, I Can Do That, on Tuesday nights.

Marlon told Fallon that he was mad, because he “got cheated.” He said that he did not lose on Lip Sync Battle; he got cheated, because Queen Latifah lip synced to a song by LL Cool J, Rock the Bells. He said if he had thought that was okay, he would have done “Momma’s Gonna Knock You Out!”

Fallon called Marlon “one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met.” He is doing a movie (a REAL one) called 50 Shades of Black. Marlon said “He got his money doing shady things, and he’s really bad in bed.” Fallon showed a poster from the upcoming movie.  Jimmy Fallon

Then, they talked about I Can Do That. On the show, there are celebs who choose acts that they think they can do when given a week’s time to train, and then they try to do stuff like walk on tightropes and other crazy things.

After still more commercials, when the Tonight Show returned, Jimmy Fallon introduced the musical guest of the show, Jason Derulo. He sang Want to Want Me from his latest album, Everything Is. Fallon said that Want to Want Me was Derulo’s “eleventh Platinum single.” The Roots were Derulo’s backing band. Derulo did a fantastic job singing, and The Roots sounded great, as well. Derulo hit some unbelievably high falsetto notes as he sang. The audience cheered and applauded as he finished singing it.

Besides the fantastic musical performance by Jason Derulo, Jimmy Fallon’s first two guests, Amanda Seyfried and Marlon Wayan, were also very entertaining. Seyfried talked about her dog, Finn, and her upcoming movie, Ted 2. She played a game of Catchphrase with Fallon and the other two guests, Wayans and Derulo. Marlon Wayans told Fallon that he thought he had been cheated on Lip Sync Battle, and he talked about the show that he hosts, I Can Do That.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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