Former White House Chef Found Dead

Former White House Chef

A former White House chef was found dead in the New Mexico mountains, ending long search efforts. Tragically, the body of Walter S. Scheib III was located June 21 and recovered 1.7 miles from the Yerba Canyon Trail. The search for the missing chef began on June 14 when his girlfriend reported him missing, after he went on a 10 mile hike by himself on the preceding day, to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and did not return. Police and volunteers aided in the 30 mile search for Scheib by foot and horseback. Sadly, the body of former White House Chef, Scheib was found and recovered by a team of New Mexico’s State Police. No statements were made about the cause of death or conditions of the body recovered.

Chef Scheib served in the White House during the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. In 2007, he published a book titled, White House Chef: Eleven Years, Two Presidents, One Kitchen. This book was a juicy tell-all non-fiction account of his time at the White House. Hired by First Lady, Hillary Clinton in 1994, Chef Scheib not only served the world leaders, but he also provided his services at Atlanta’s City of Refuge, an organization that helps the homeless. The fact that the White House former chef’s body was recovered gives closure to his family, friends and community that cared for him.

By Olivia Uribe-Mutal


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