FYI to Bring Outdoor Living to Life in ‘He Shed, She Shed’


FYI is bringing outdoor living to life in the new series He Shed, She Shed. As part of a rising trend in creating livable space in one’s own backyard, networks have worked towards showcasing all of the ways an individual can build their own oasis outside. As the first network to take a look at the idea of creating alternative living arrangements in tiny homes, FYI is once more taking a peak into small spaces, this time using a simple outdoor shed as inspiration.

On June 2, the network announced that they had greenlit production on six episodes, each an hour long, of the new original program, He Shed, She Shed. The announcement which was made by the SVP of Programming and Development for FYI, Gena McCarthy, indicated that production would start immediately.

McCarthy pointed out that FYI was the first network to introduce the alternative trend of living in smaller homes and now the network would be taking this a step further and into usable outdoor space. In what she describes as a way for individuals to better express their creativity, what was once a “humble garden outbuilding” will be completely transformed. The sheds on He Shed, She Shed will help people to fulfill their need for more practical space that may be missing within their traditional home setting.

FYIIn order to bring outdoor living to life on He Shed, She Shed, FYI is following either two friends, neighbors or even homeowners, in a female versus male showdown. Each episode will follow a different set of two individuals in their transformation journey. In a head to head competition, each person will not only design, but also build a unique she-shed as well as a unique he-shed. Along with the competitive nature of the show, the series will also show off some sheds that have already been transformed across the entire country. They will meet with the owners of these sheds and learn what their inspiration was in developing these unique spaces in the outdoors.

The ultimate purpose of He Shed, She Shed is to shine a light on how people across the United States have been transforming their tired, old shed into a supplemental area to live and work. With the latest trend of pint-size living, these sheds are just the latest edition to the smaller sized space craze. In fact, these overhauled sheds include everything from female-based sanctuaries to pub-sheds being used as a man cave, and even some being described as a “shed-quarters serving as alternative work spaces.” What was once just an often neglected outdoor storage space, is now becoming a useful space for actually living.

FYI has always been a network of inspiration and bringing one’s imagination to life, but with their new series He Shed, She Shed, they are taking this concept one step further by stepping into the world of outdoor living. The network is once more embracing the concepts of personalization and adventure in approaching the way people live and how they transform their space’s for their lifestyle.

By Kimberley Spinney


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  2. james   June 11, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    Its about time that someone builds shelters.You never know when you just might need one of these,Man Caves>I think its unique


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