Health Amabassador Kevin Hart Challenges Twitter Followers to 5K Run

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This Friday, comedian, actor and now health ambassador Kevin Hart challenged his Twitter fans, over 19 million strong, to a 5K run through Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. He issued the challenge spontaneously, tweeting that he only wanted people to participate who were serious about taking part in the challenge. He said that the 5K run was all “about health & challenging yourselves.”

Hart, 35, is generally all about joking and kidding around, and making his fans laugh. But, he has many sides to himself, and he takes health seriously, as well. The 5K run came about through a partnership that the comedian has with Rally Health.

Hart gets Impressive Turnout for His 5K Challenge

Hart got an impressive turnout for his impromptu and spontaneous challenge. Over 100 people showed up to take part and run with Hart, despite the early hour and not being given much advance notice. On hand to interview the comedian and film the 5K run was WAGA-TV. He told a reporter that he was impressed with how many people turned out for the event.

Hart was in Atlanta, Georgia because he was scheduled to perform there on both Friday and Saturday nights, as a part of his “What Now?” comedy tour. He has acted in several very successful box office flicks, like Think Like a Man, Think Like a Man Too, Ride Along, The Wedding Ringer and Get Hard, in which he acted opposite of another hilarious comedian, Will Ferrell. Ride Along 2 is in post-production, and is scheduled to hit theaters in 2016. In April, he received the MTV Movie Awards Comedic Genius Award.

Hart is currently filming another movie that should prove to do well at the box office, Central Intelligence. One of the other big stars in the movie will be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has starred in movies like the Fast & Furious ones and San Andreas. The popular comedian is also providing the voice of one of the characters in another flick due out next year, The Secret Life of Pets.

Hart Is First Health Ambassador for Rally Health

Just this past April, according to Rally Health’s website, Hart was made the company’s first health ambassador. Rally Health develops what the company refers to as being “consumer health engagement tools.” As the company’s first health ambassador, the comedian will be doing what he can to encourage people to take a more active role in maintaining their health.

Laughter, the Grudge Match actor believes, is good for the health, in that it helps to relieve stress, improve a person’s mood, and even relieve pain. He really does “believe that laughter is the best medicine.” Besides the laughs that he provides through his comedy and movies, Hart will also be encouraging his fans to exercise more, take better care of themselves, and eat a healthier diet. The 5K run, or jog, was a part of his role as the company’s first health ambassador.

As might be guessed, Rally Health is the main sponsor of the comedian’s “What Now” tour. The comedy show Hart has taken on the road is scheduled to make stops in 45 U.S. and Canadian cities. It is the highest-grossing comedy tour of all time.

Rally Health founder and CEO Grant Verstandig complimented the health-conscious comedian and actor by saying that he has “passion for fitness and laughter.” He added of the record-breaking comedian “Kevin lives the Rally mission every day.” The Rally mission is, in part, to encourage people to move more and eat better.

While the 5K run through Atlanta’s Piedmont Park was “spontaneous,” at least when it came to the Twitter challenge that Kevin Hart issued and the fans who showed up to take part in the event, the first health ambassador for Rally Health had probably planned to issue the challenge and see what might happen sometime in advance of Friday morning. With over 19 million Twitter followers, the comedian has a big reach and he will likely be a great spokesperson for improving the health of his fans.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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