Hollywood Super Stars Charlize Theron and Sean Penn Break Off Engagement

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theronThe newest development to hit Hollywood today is the breaking development that silver screen super stars Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have called it quits and broken off their seven-month-long engagement. After nearly a year and a half together, US Weekly confirmed through sources close to both actors that the two are no longer an item.

According to reports, some inside sources claimed the Theron and Penn cancelled their pending nuptials following a recent trip to the south of France for an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. The high-caliber couple had been exclusive since December 2013.

Theron and Penn, both 54, had been in a friendly relationship for decades until their friendship took a turn for the future and became officially romantic. In December 2014, just one year into their relationship, sources stated the two actors became secretly engaged while in Paris, as not to attract attention and put it into the public spotlight. During that time, Theron was not seen wearing an engagement ring. However, some stated that they couple was committed to each other and the life that was to come.

By Alex Lemieux


US Weekly: Sean Penn, Charlize Theron Split, Break Off Engagement: Breakup Details

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