‘Hot in Cleveland’ Legend Betty White’s Spice Was Nice

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Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland legend Betty White’s spice was nice. White made a wonderful addition to the television series by illuminating the screen with the energy created from viewers’ smiles. With the season finale airing on Wednesday, May 27, 2015, it seems as if Cleveland is about to cool down. Tears are shed while the costars converse during an ET interview about their last day together, as the ladies hearts drown with the rain of departure to come, now that Hot in Cleveland is coming to an end with White and all of her spice!

Television star White, was known for the flare she brought to the set. Viewers and cast members alike fell in love when she said things like, “If the guy’s a cutie, you’ve got to tap that booty.” Having a home town like Beverley Hills, could she have been destined for stars and fame without cognizance. White is the queen of making her dreams come to life. With faith, persistence and tenacity anything was possible in the eyes of this vivid dream weaver! As a star, bound to produce laughing gas the size of Betelgeuse, Hot in Cleveland would not have been as gaseous without the added spice of of the legendary White and all the laughter she brought to the television world.

Hot in Cleveland

Some quirky facts about White that some people may, or may not have known about, paints such an exquisite portrait of her no one can compare. As an honorary award she was called Mayor of Los Angeles. Kentucky State University has a Health Center named after this buzzing bee. The Kentucky Governor of the Commonwealth, located in Frankfort, dubbed her with the honor of Colonel. A recently elected governor said, “..I see in you those things that place others above self.”

The animal lover had so much compassion in her heart, that she donated $100,000.00 alone in one month to the Los Angeles Zoo. “All creatures must learn to coexist, that’s why the brown bear and the field mouse can share there lives in harmony. Of course they can’t mate or the mouse would explode,” said White.

Comedian, actress, singer, producer, writer, radio host, and television reality, at 93 years old this woman has done it all. This legend always wanted to be a park ranger, but during her younger years women were not allowed, so she was honored as a Ranger to help Smokey the Bear fight all the wild fires. There was a disinformation report spreading that White was actually too good-looking, she was so hot, that she actually started some of the forest fires. That must be how the title Hot in Cleveland was chosen.

As a practicing member of the Unity Church, she told Vanity Fair her real life hero is Charles Darwin. For some that information seems a little odd. How can Darwin be Whites hero if she is a practicing member of Unity Church, this is not making sense. Has White finally been able to spice things up with diversity, or has the Hot in Cleveland powerhouse always had that finesse?

White’s life is one gargantuan representation of unity. She brings together the diversity of her love for God and compassion for people by sharing a rigid joke that can in turn spice things up and fill the whole world with laughter. Being divorced and remarried more than once can look like a huge sin in the eyes of most so-called Christians, who do not peer past the law and into the promise. Looking at her heart for change, happiness, and unity, (Mark 5:9) shows the path is correct.

White has been a joyous blessing, and inspiration to the World, saying silly quotes like,” Well ladies, as I used to say to my loving husband Irving of 55 years: What are you waiting for stupid? Eat it!” Everyone must be wondering, now that the show Hot in Cleveland is coming to an end, what does this mean for White. This show contained six seasons of the funniest content created in history. In the finale, fans got to see the legendary White bring one last dash of zest and nice spice to their favorite show Hot in Cleveland.

Opinion By Samantha Estock

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