Sony Corporation Gives E3 Discounts for PS Games and Shows Off Morpheus

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Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation is giving E3 2015 discounts for PlayStation 3 and PS 4 games until June 23, and also showed its upcoming virtual reality headset, Morpheus, with games. The Japanese company is celebrating its presence at the ongoing E3, which runs from June 16 to 18 and is giving 22 to 60 percent off of selected games until June 23. Sony Corporation is offering big games like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Infamous Second Son, Grand Theft Auto V, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Destiny and Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.

The company’s website has the list of games and movies it offers with discounts. For those who will spend at least 100 in Sony’s store will be given a $15 credit. The maker of PS3 and PS4 made waves on its press conference at E3 2015 on Tuesday as it announced the release of The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn reveal, as well as the remake of Final Fantasy 7.

During its conference, Bungie likewise announced the next expansion of the first-person shooter game, Destiny. The Activision-published video game was finally unveiled after several rumors and leaks. It will launch on September 15 as The Taken King, following The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

The upcoming Destiny game will come with a co-op Strike, new gear, and a map. It can only be played in Sony’s PlayStations. Furthermore, Sony Corporation has reportedly prepared 30 games for its Project Morpheus, its VR headset for the PS4. The headset is anticipated next year.

Aside from Sony Corporation giving E3 discounts for PS games and some announcements at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, it also showed off Project Morpheus, giving demos based on the actual games that will be played with the headset. Sony’s previous Morpheus demonstrations were more on the concept’s technical proofs, instead of actual games. Ars Technica said that the demos, though far from complete, could interest PlayStation owners who are potential early adopters of the headset.

Sony Corporation’s Morpheus will contend with Oculus Rift, Facebook’s VR headset. Its advantage over Oculus is that it will be integrated with PS4, while Oculus is aimed to be with PC games which are expensive. Facebook’s VR will be tagged at $1,500 apiece, which is twice more than a PS4 with Morpheus.

At E3, Sony Corporation demoed games with Morpheus, including Rigs, London Heist: Getaway, Monster Escape/Battle, Wayward Sky, Super Hypercube and Impulse Gear. Rigs are the most complete in the Morpheus demo, a three-on-three FPS at its core and sold as a “VR’s first eSport.” It is not just getting the most deathmatch kills or capturing a base, each character should go for an “Overdrive” mode by collecting the glowing yellow orbs on the map, and jump via the center stage hoop before facing death.

The VR demo on Rigs highlighted three classes of mechs, three modes about health regeneration, speed and attack, and with various pros and cons. The left thumbstick usually controls lateral motion in FPS games like Rigs, but with Morpheus, it can just be by a head movement. Ars Technica shared that the headset was impressively sensitive even with slight head movement. Guided with a 3D laser from the mech, moving the head from the center to sides causes the mech to quickly turn and catch up with what the gamer is looking at.

Those who had tested Sony Corporation’s headset with Rigs found it worked wonderfully. Adopting to head movements to control the game was easy and does not cause nausea as others suspected. Furthermore, simply looking at a target to aim is very much more natural than using a thumbstick.

Sony Corporation is giving E3 discounts for PS games, announced Destiny’s The Taken King and showed off Morpheus at this week’s E3 2015. Testers of Morpheus said the headset is amazingly intuitive, such as, in aiming and shooting, which is perfect in the virtual world.

By Judith Aparri

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