HSDD Zaps Sexual Desire Out of Relationships


HSDD has, in recent years, become the silent killer to a plethora of relationships. Clinically known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder, a disorder found primarily in women. Doctors. and researchers are trying to help better relationships by allowing women to take part in a new progressive test drug. The drug is meant to help with the failing libido plaguing the female population. HSDD may be zapping sexual desires out of relationships, but researchers are doing everything they can to zap it right back in!

Studies elude that hypoactive sexual desire disorder, better known as HSDD, is more chemical, mental, and/or emotional for women, unlike male impotency that is (more often than not) simply physical. HSDD can affect women at any age at any point in their life. PubMed says that the sexual disorder affects one-third of women in the United States, while the Society of Women’s Health Research states that the condition will affect one in every 10 women throughout their lifetime.

Aside from causing the obviously tense situation with one’s partner in the bedroom, other effects that may occur are allegedly similar to the effects caused by depression.  Researchers state that women who suffer from HSDD tend to take on an emotional irregularity that is directly linked to the joy, or lack thereof, of a relationship, causing severe contentions between the couple. The diminishing of sexual desire as a result of hypoactive sexual desire disorder cause for women to take on a personal distress. This known fact is key in the consideration of one actually having the disorder. Although a woman’s sex drive is known to fluctuate throughout her lifetime, especially if she is pregnant or experiencing menopause, it is the personal distress that may be an indicator for HSDD.

Women whose sex drives are low and whose attitudes do not seem to be bothered in any particular way are not considered women who have to be concerned with being diagnosed.  In any case, these gradually increasing contentions among couples may very well be a result of HSDD zapping the desire for sex out of relationships and bedrooms, however, they are not to be considered the end of the world and certainly not the end of a relationship or one’s sanity.

HSDDWith an alarming number of women suffering the disorder, Reconnect Study has put into place an experimental drug that can possibly curb the disorder’s effects. Currently seeking out participants, the drug, unnamed, is being promoted on their landing page as a “take as needed” type of medication. According to the site’s questions and information, there are two levels of qualification for the study. A pre-qualification survey following an interview process. The survey portion asks all the predictable questions about recent health, medical history, and gender (which is questionable considering the study is supposedly for women). Other questions include whether or not the candidate is currently in a relationship, whether they would be open to being on birth control, and also if said candidate would be willing to have sexual interaction with their partner at least once a month. With a question such as that, it is understandable how HSDD can put a damper on a partnership. More specifically, any bedroom action.

Researchers are making it exponentially clear that HSDD, though stressful to deal with, is not a life-threatening or untreatable condition. As long as women can discover the causation of their HSDD, doctors say there are ways (quite possibly with this new-found experimental drug) for women to deal with the disorder. With this test medication for women to sort out sexual desires being zapped out of relationships due to HSDD, many women are probably wondering, “Now, when are they going to create a pill that makes men put the toilet seat down?”

By Danyol Jaye


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  3. M   June 13, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    Oh, I see, just like everything else, men’s problems are physical and women’s problems are emotional. Unbelievable!

    • AD   June 14, 2015 at 8:13 am

      Maybe unbelievable but true nonetheless.


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