Tonight Show Lip Sync Battle: Fallon vs Dunham

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This Friday night on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon’s guests were actress and comedienne, Lena Dunham, from HBO’s Girls, and comedian Colin Quinn. Fallon accepted a challenge that Dunham had issued him earlier this week, to take part in a lip sync battle. The video of it is below. That epic battle took place tonight, and the winner was…read on, to find out! Fallon also did his weekly “Thank You Notes” comedy segment in this terrific Friday night episode.

Fallon started off the Tonight Show by getting a standing ovation from the studio audience. He thanked his audience for being there, then did his monologue, joking about the NBA Finals and Lebron showing his privates on live T.V., while adjusting his shorts.

A member of The Roots laughed at Fallon, for calling LeBron’s privates, “privates.” The Roots member had a different term he used, and the audience was about to vote on who had the best term. Then, another member of The Roots interrupted and said tha he had a better way to describe LeBron’s privates. When he said what it was, Fallon said “That was better.”

Fallon said that Mitt Romney and his family had gone hiking lately. He said he had a clip of it, then showed a clip of the Von Trapp family from The Sound of Music. Fallon then joked about members of Congress wearing seersucker suits in honor of Seersucker Day. “In other news, ISIS is still a big problem for America,” he said. Fallon also joked about an alarm clock that had been invented that woke people up by employing various smells, like bacon and money.

At his desk, Fallon said that Channing Tatum was an upcoming guest in a couple of weeks. He asked the Tonight Show viewers to have their kids write one or two pages about a character called “Magic Mike,” and he and Tatum would then act out a couple of them.

Fallon mentioned his upcoming lip sync battle versus Lena Dunham, and he said that Colin Quinn has written a book and he was in an upcoming movie with Amy Schumer called Train Wreck. Fallon said that “he is going to win an Academy Award.”

Next up on the Tonight Show, Fallon did his weekly “Thank You Notes.” He and announcer Steve Higgins joked with keyboard player, James Posey. They said it looked like he had a napkin sticking out of his suit coat pocket.

Some of the “Thank You Notes” were “Thank you, Degrassi, for moving to Netflix after being on Teen Nick for ten seasons. I guess Degrassi is always greener on the other side. Thank you, outdoor weddings in the summer, for being the most romantic way to watch two people sweating through really expensive clothes. Thank you, relish, for being a really scary story that pickles say around a campfire.” Fallon concluded his “Thank You Notes” with “Thank you, Turtle Wax, for sounding like what the Teenage Ninja Turtles get before swimsuit season.”

Tonight Show

After the first commercial break of the Tonight Show, Fallon introduced Lena Dunham. He explained the rules of the lip sync battle, and said that they would do two songs each. Fallon went first, and lip synced I’ve Never Been Too Me, from 1982, by a singer called Charlene. He lip synced into a mirror to start out and then switched to using just his microphone. There was even a spoken part to the song, a rather long one. Fallon KILLED with his performance!

Then, Dunham was up. Her first song was Outside, by Calvin Harris (featuring Ellie Goulding). Dunham worked the stage and the audience, dancing as she lip synced. She did a fantastic job.

Fallon then lip synced to a Run DMC song called Run House. He had the audience swaying their arms in the air. Fallon RULED with his performance, but Dunham had one more song to go.

Dunham lip synced Queen’s song, Fat Bottom Girls. The Tonight Show audience clapped along as she lip synced to Freddie Mercury and Queen’s hit. She chose an awesome song, one that might have given her the overall victory tonight on the Tonight Show.

Fallon said “Guys, is the winner me? Or is it Lena Dunham?” The audience applauded louder for Dunham, so Fallon graciously declared her to be the winner.

Following more commercials on the Tonight Show, Fallon introduced Dunham, who had changed from the short black skirt she had been wearing for the lip sync battle to a black-and-white dress. They talked more about lip sync battles. Fallon said he could not top Queen. Dunham said that a choreographer friend of hers had helped with her dance to the Queen song.

They both talked about the HBO series, Girls. He asked if she could give any spoilers from the upcoming season. She said that they would be going to Japan. Dunham mentioned that both her back and her mom’s back had gone out. She removed her mother’s shoes to help her out because of her back, and some of the Japanese people just thought she did it because she was being very respectful.

On the Tonight Show, Dunham talked about her and Amy Schumer being two of several comediennes who were interviewed, and they had been told they could say whatever they wanted to say. Dunham said that she and Schumer tried to outdo each other, and it sounded as if she was talking about sex and wanting to be naked on T.V. every other sentence.

Fallon then brought up work that Dunham was doing to help get dogs adopted. Dunham loves animals, and her work helping them out showed a different side of her than what many people see.

Tonight Show

When the Tonight Show returned from another break, Fallon introduced comedian Colin Quinn. He did a stand-up comedy routine. He said that “Everybody does an appearance on Law & Order.” He said that he walked onto the set, “and was the most famous person there.” Quinn said he “should have been the lead cop, but was not even a well-known murderer,” on the show.

Quinn based his routine on his appearance on Law & Order. He said he ran some sort of a flower shop, and the cops suspected him from the start. He turned out to be the murderer, and he had shears in his hands and gloves on as the cops showed up. He talked about “Lilacs being more loyal than humans.”

After another commercial break, the Tonight Show came back on and Fallon interviewed Quinn. Fallon told him “You always took care of me on Saturday Night Live.” Fallon mentioned Quinn’s new book, and Fallon bragged that he had a new book that came out the same day as Quinn’s. Quinn then showed Fallon a photo that Amy Schumer had sent him the very day his book came out, of a dog defecating on his book.

Fallon told Quinn that he was great in the movie Trainwreck. He plays Amy’s father in the movie. In the clip that Fallon showed, Quinn explained the concept of “monogamy” to his two daughter when they were kids. He then said “So, that’s why me and your mom are getting a divorce.”

Besides being in the movie Train Wreck, Quinn, Schumer, and comedian Mike Birbiglia will all be on the road for the “Train Wreck Comedy Tour.” All of those people are hilarious, so it will probably be a Must See show for whoever lives in a city included in the tour.

The Tonight Show was uber entertaining this Friday, with Jimmy Fallon and Lena Dunham taking part in a lip sync battle. He and Dunham also talked about the upcoming season of Girls. Comedian Colin Quinn was the second guest of the night, and he did a stand-up routine and then talked with Fallon about the movie he is in with Amy Schumer, Train Wreck.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Tonight Show Lip Sync Battle: Fallon vs Dunham

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