Iggy Azalea Deserves Her Own Great Escape

Iggy Azalea
There comes a time when even the celebrities many people idolize need a break. The Fancy rapper, Iggy Azalea has made her own well-deserved great escape from touring. She originally had a tour named Great Escape that was supposed to be in September after rescheduling, but recently announced that it was being cancelled altogether. Azalea is not cancelling the tour as a way to give up or show that she has had enough, but as a way to take time to focus on a new direction for future songs.

The Australian rapper has been gaining a ton of popularity in the United States for the past two years. She has been appearing on radios and claimed top positions on song charts. Her rapping coupled with an Australian accent are recipe for a unique style. She rocked the aggressive moombahton song Beat Down on her collaboration with EDM producer, Steve Aoki. Her catchy hit Booty, with international star Jennifer Lopez, set the internet on fire when the music video was released. Who can deny the greatness in two attractive women doing a collaboration for a provocative song? Azalea’s most famous song Fancy had received various awards and earned her several recognitions for Best Rapper and Hip-Hop artist.

It is no doubt that Azalea is a hard worker who cares about her fans. She has mentioned in an interview with Seventeen Magazine that she has been working almost everyday for the past two years. When someone is able to have a song simultaneously on the number one and two position on a song billboard, they are obviously harboring high levels of success in the industry.  The Australian rapper had a tour that was announced back in December 2014. The Great Escape Tour was going to start in April and end in Mid-May spanning across 21 cities. As March approached, Def Jam records had announced that due to some delays in production, they were forced to reschedule the tour to September.

Azalea had separate plans for the tour, however. She announced last week that she was cancelling the tour altogether to have her own great escape. The Australian rapper expressed how she felt she needed a mental break. She had plans to take a new creative turn on her work, but with all the touring that was planned made it difficult. She stated if she had continued with her tour, it would have set her plans to begin the new project until after Christmas.

Everyone needs the opportunity to have a mental escape after working so hard. Every person can benefit from taking a short break to allow creative juices to flow once again. She is assuring her fans that the mental break is by no means an indication of a breakdown. She is in a good place in her life – it is just that all the touring and recording can be mentally draining. What good is having all the fame and fortune if there is no time to enjoy any of it? For Azalea to want to take a break to figure out a new direction for her music shows that she cares about her fans, by straying away from repetitiveness.

She also just recently got proposed to by her pro basketball player boyfriend, Nick Young, at his birthday party celebration. With the time she is using to take a break, planning the wedding is definitely going to be on her to-do list as well as spending time with the new hubby-to-be. Azalea’s great escape may prove to be a beneficial decision for her career in the long run. Fans, perhaps, might see some love-inspired tracks released by the Fancy rapper in the future?

Opinion By Frank Grados


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