Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom to Reconcile on Reality Show Spin-Off?

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Khloe Kardashian hopes to reconcile with husband Lamar Odom on a potential Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off. It has been suggested that E! is open on the idea of having cameras film Kardashian’s reunion with Odom, who she famously filed for divorce from in 2013 following his drug scandal going public. Not only did the world find out about Odom’s drug addiction, the NBA player was allegedly cheating on his wife with several mistresses. 

Recent issues of several tabloid magazines have said that the Hollywood duo have seen each other since the reality star asked for a divorce. According to insiders, they have talked about the past on several occasions and Kardashian is getting to the point where she is very close to giving her husband another chance. The 30-year-old was aware of the fact that her partner was dealing with an addiction before the couple even married, but when the clothing designer thought she could change her man and turn him into a new man, she would later realize it would not be that easy.

Another thing that is not easy is winning Kardashian back. Despite having been open minded on the idea of getting back together, the TV-personality is reportedly shopping a television show to air all the dirt on national TV. The former Lakers player was the first to come up with the idea, a source said, adding that during the time the twosome were filming their show Khloe & Lamar, their marriage was at its strongest. Kardashian, Odom could bring back that spark with their new reality show spin-off.

In hopes that they can relive those moments, Kardashian and Odom could potentially sign on for a one series reality show that will not only dish the dirt and clean the air, but follow the couple’s present life with one another. Kim Kardashian’s younger sister was alleged to have met with Odom at a Hilton hotel in Calabasas earlier this year, that alone has raised the idea that there is still some kind of love that both of them share. Neither of them has given up on their marriage despite having taken a much-needed break. 

Kardashian’s fans do worry on the idea of having the two get back together and instantly jump back into reality-TV. Odom allegedly cheated on his wife with several women. He has been battling a serious drug addiction that ended up losing his position at the Dallas Mavericks, following his axe from the Lakers team. Odom was losing everything that he loved, and now that Kardashian has seemingly given him another chance, the NBA baller is ready to make most of the situation. E! has yet to confirm whether Kardashian and Odom are heading back to reality-TV together.

While insiders already predict the show to be a huge ratings success, knowing how much publicity the family usually draw on big scandals, it is being questioned whether fixing a marriage on reality-TV is the right thing to do. The 30-year-old was left devastated to learn about her husband’s alleged cheating, causing her entire mood to change for months on end, leading her siblings to worry whether the business mogul will ever become herself again. So to push for a spin-off show could potentially end in disaster if Odom has not learned from his mistakes, a source concluded. Kardashian, Odom reconciling on a reality television could go either way.

By Maurice Cassidy


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