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Every month Lifetime releases their premiere schedule for the following month. This schedule can include the newest episodes of a show that has already premiered, new movies airing on the network and both the season and series premieres of shows. On June 17, Lifetime’s July programming highlights were released with a number of premieres in both movies and television shows. The following is a list of all of the programs scheduled to air on the network in the month of July.

Hoarders: Family Secrets continues in July with five all new episodes. Currently, there are only synopses for two of the episodes, the episodes airing on July 2 and July 9. The July 2 episode features Nora and David. Nora’s hoarding was exacerbated by the death of her son. It is a secret that she has been keeping for over a decade from her sisters. David’s hoard covers approximately three acres of property. The city has deemed his property to be a blight and if he is unable to clean it up, he could lose his home. The July 9 episode features Mary and Michelle. Mary’s hoarding has gotten so bad that her home is considered to be a “ground zero” for a population of rats. It has gotten so bad that the neighbors are threatening to report her for fear of plague and hantavirus contagion from the rats. Michelle has a massive hoard of dolls and her husband is a recovering alcoholic whose sobriety is being threatened by the stress of his wife’s collection. Hoarders: Family Secrets airs on Thursday nights with new episodes at 9 p.m. EST.

Devious Maids is bringing four new episodes in July. The show is one of Lifetime’s most critically acclaimed series. Now its third season, Devious Maids continues to follow a group of maids in an affluent community as they struggle with their jobs and fallout from the wedding, which ended Season 2 and picked up at the start of the third. The program airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST.

LifetimeUnREAL continues its first season with four more episodes as part of Lifetime’s programming highlights in July. The new series has received a lot of attention since its premiere, with many critics praising the show. UnREAL is a drama based around the behind-the-scenes action of a reality television dating competition. It focuses on what really happens on the other side of the camera to bring that on-screen drama and intrigue. New episodes of UnREAL air on Monday’s at 10 p.m. EST.

Dance Moms is back with six episodes in July. There are four new episodes and two flashback style episodes for fans of the Lifetime reality show about the Abby Lee Miller Competition Team. Although there are no synopses of the new episodes airing in July, the flashback episodes feature a look back at Melissa and Maddie on July 21, and Holly and Nia on July 28. The new episodes of Dance Moms air on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST. The flashback episodes air directly following the July 21 and 28 shows.

Living with the Enemy is a brand new Lifetime series premiering on July 9. This series is a documentary style program that follows two families in each episode, who are exactly the opposite of each other. These families all have opposing values and ideals, and in Living with the Enemy, one member of each family with swap places and have to live for four days in the home of their “enemy” and learn how they live and what they believe. The overall goal is to show another way of life and belief system in an effort to garner a greater understanding of other people. This new program will air on Thursday’s at 9 p.m. EST.

Bring It!, Lifetime’s hit show, returns for the summer with the season premiering on July 31. Last season saw the team facing a number of critical losses and Coach D is ready for a change. This season brings number of shakeups in an effort to rejuvenate the Dancing Dolls. The show airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST, but the season will start with a Kickoff Special airing at 8 p.m. on July 31.

Atlantic Plastic is another brand new series coming to Lifetime. This docuseries will premiere on July 31 and focuses on how plastic surgery is changing across the country. The series will follow three of Atlanta’s top plastic surgeons and their clients, who come to them to look their absolute best. Atlantic Plastic will air on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST.

Lifetime’s movie programming highlights in July feature three world premieres and three U.S. television premieres. The world premiere movies all air on Saturday nights, with the U.S. television premieres following on Sunday.

On July 11 the network offers the world premiere of Lethal Seduction. This movie follows a mother who is trying to protect her son from an older woman who has become obsessed romantically with him.

Accidental Obsession is premiering on July 12. The movie introduces Heather, a lawyer on the rise, and Vanessa. When the two women get into an automobile accident, Heather attempts to get everything sorted and ends up befriending the other woman. Unfortunately, Vanessa’s behavior gets increasingly erratic and Heather soon learns that the other woman is highly unstable with a criminal past. What looked like an accident at first, becomes increasingly more suspicious and now Heather must find a way to end this “friendship.”

LifetimeJuly 18 brings to the Lifetime network, The Bride He Bought Online. Three girls with a prank blog set up a fake dating profile on an international mail-order bride site. As they wait to determine who will fall for this imaginary woman, one man does. A disturbed programmer who goes so far as to purchase a plane ticket for the woman. When the three girls show up at the airport to film the man’s devastation, what they end up unleashing is something more than they may be able to survive.

Love You to Death premieres on July 19. There is a missing girl in the small town of Ridgedale. After three months, the entire town is on edge. Then there is Sylvia, another girl in town who wants to be in love. Lucas is a rich transfer student and when he and Sylvia meet the sparks fly. What seems like a true love story, starts to derail as police begin investigating Lucas for the disappearance of the missing girl. Now the question is, what really happened and will Lucas and Sylvia get their love story.

July 25 brings the world premiere of Lost Boy to the Lifetime network. At six years old, Mitchell disappeared while spending the day at a lake with his family. After 11 years gone, Mitchell is back and the events that follow will once more shake up this family.

The final movie premiere on Lifetime is Stolen Daughter on July 26. Stacey is missing children’s detective who suffers from PTSD. Although she has been on leave after a case went wrong, she is desperate to return to work, even though her friends and family are worried about her. When her own daughter is abducted, Stacey’s professional life becomes twisted with her personal life.

The premiere highlights for Lifetime’s July programming is bringing viewers some current favorites, as well as new programs to enjoy. With a number of new movies and television shows airing in the month of July, the network is offering something fresh for the summer.

By Kimberley Spinney


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