Lil Wayne Announcement Saturday Night Not a ‘Bombshell’

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne made an announcement that seemed, at first, to be a bombshell, at a concert at KMEL Summer Jam in Oakland, California on Saturday night, June 13, that was greeted with applause and cheers from his fans, declaring that he had just signed a deal with his “idol, Jay Z.” The announcement was not a “bombshell” but more like a festive July Fourth sparkler.

His fans believed that Lil Wayne was talking about that he left his current record company, Cash Money, which he has been wanting to leave for some time now, and that he had signed with Jay Z’s company, Roc Nation. However, that was not at all what the disgruntled rapper was referring to when he made the announcement.

Rather, according to his manager, Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, was referring to a different sort of a deal that he had signed With Jay Z. He was announcing that he had joined up with Jay Z’s music subscription service, Tidal, as one of Tidal’s ever-growing list of co-owners. As a way of celebrating, he dropped an exclusive track, Glory, that will only be available at Tidal.

The rapper’s announcement was reportedly taken out of context, according to his manager, Cortez Bryant, but he was not specific about what he meant on Saturday night during the concert. The announcement Lil Wayne made was not the bombshell that his fans had believed it to be, but rather more like a festive sparkler in its scope, the news was a step towards a total split from Cash Money.

It likely was not news that Cash Money’s Birdman was happy to hear about. At one time, Lil Wayne and Cash Money Record’s co-founder, CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams, had a father/son sort of relationship. With the rapper now suing Birdman and Cash Money for $51 million, because the record company does not want to release him from the contract the rapper is under and has delayed the release of Lil Wayne’s album Tha Carter V, the relationship Lil Wayne once had with Birdman has gone steadily south.

Lil Wayne’s News Still Big

The musical artist, Lil Wayne’s, teaming up with Jay Z is still big news, though with a small letter “b.” That is because both he and Jay Z are two of the biggest forces in hip-hop and they have a lot of Number One hits and Grammys between them.

Though Lil Wayne sang before in one of his songs about wanting to kidnap Jay Z’s wife, Beyonce, Jay Z seems to have let that slight be ancient history. In an interview with People, the musical artist mentioned that he was such a fan of Jay Z’s song, Lucky Me, that he got the name of the song tattooed on his neck. He also has a tattoo on his leg of a verse from the song.

Jay Z has said before that he had wanted to sign Lil Wayne to his Roc-A-Fella label, and out of respect for Birdman, he called him up to let him know he had been talking with the rapper about it. Not long after, Jay Z said Birdman’s lawyer sent him a letter saying that talking with the rapper about possibly signing him was “interference.”

Despite believing that he could have signed Lil Wayne, Jay Z stated that he wanted to “do the right thing,” so he did not say anything more about signing the rapper. He said that he was “cool with that decision.”

Lil Wayne has been with Cash Money Records ever since 1993 when he was just 13, with his debut release of the album True Stories. His relationship with Birdman and the label has soured because of several reasons, one being that he feels that the label has been purposefully delaying the release of Tha Carter V. It had originally been scheduled to be out in stores in 2014. He has mentioned that he is owed $10 million for having completed the album, but he has not yet received any payment.

Because of that, and the fact that Cash Money Records does not want to let him out of his contract, the rapper has said that he is a “prisoner” and so is his “creativity.” Until and unless the lawsuit that the rapper has with Birdman and Cash Money Records is resolved in the musical artist’s favor, he is still tied to his current contract.

Lil Wayne’s announcement on Saturday night in California during a concert was not exactly the bombshell that his fans had thought that it was, but it was more akin to a festive sparkler. Still, the news that the rapper had become a co-owner of Jay Z’s musical subscription service, Tidal, was fairly big news, and another step to his eventual break from Cash Money Records.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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