‘The Gift’, ‘The Martian’, and ‘The Perfect Guy’, All Three Thriller Survivors


The Gift, The Martian, The Perfect GuyThree new thrillers will be hitting theaters this fall. The Gift, with Jason Bateman, will be released August 7. The Martian, starring Matt Damon will be released October 2 and The Perfect Guy, starring Michael Ealy is scheduled to be released on September 11. There may be many differences in these three movies, but The Gift, The Martian, and The Perfect Guy all have an element that makes them the same and that is that each thriller is about survival.

The Gift

The Gift, The Martian, The Perfect Guy

The Gift is a thriller that stars, Jason Bateman, Joel Edgerton, and Rebecca Hall. A young married couple Simon and Robyn, receive a visit from Simon’s old high school classmate. In high school, however, students called him Gordo the Weirdo.

The couple’s lives are drastically changed when Gordo starts to leave the couple gifts. Then their lives begin a disturbing descent.

Simon asks Gordo to stop coming to the house and leaving gifts. A series of unwanted chance meetings and perplexing gifts with notes then bring forth a terrifying secret that had been kept hidden for 25 years.

After Simon tells Gordo to stay out of their lives, Gordo leaves a note on a gift that says, “I thought we could let bygones be bygones.” The note is a clue to the secret between Simon and Gordo.

Can a person realistically go their entire lives without doing wrong by someone? Even if they do not know who, how, where or when you wronged a person, there is someone who remembers. Once Robyn realizes what had happened between Simon and Gordo, she begins to wonder if one person can truly know another person, and if past bygones are really possible.

This past week, 50 bloggers, DJ’s, and writers, received odd gifts, in honor of the upcoming release of The Gift. The gifts had clues to obsessions, trips, phobias and personal trivia. This was an attempt to creatively market the thriller, The Gift.

President of STX Entertainment, Oren Aviv, said that the company wanted to allow some key people to experience the creepiness and cleverness of the movie. He said he wanted to create a sense of intense urgency and he knew that the more personal he made the material, the more The Gift would be talked about. The gifts were received the day before the first trailer of The Gift was released.

To find the necessary information about the people that received the gifts, the STX marketing team, spent several weeks searching through Twitter and Facebook, as well as, any sites that would have stories or anecdotes about the recipients. Then the team created Gordo’s Twitter handle so they could interact with the recipients about the gifts.

The STX team believed an initial hook for the film is questioning whether or not the past will remain in the past, especially at a time where most of the people on the earth have such a large social footprint.

STX Entertainment believes The Gift’s trailer has been viewed 5 million times in 48 hours. That number should rise significantly this weekend because it will screen in front of Furious 7

The Gift was directed and written by Joel Edgerton, it is also Edgerton’s directing debut. The movie thriller will be released August 7.

Robyn and Simon have to fight to survive in this dramatic thriller. In Matt Damon’s thriller-sci-fi, he must figure out how to survive on Mars, alone and with limited supplies. The Gift, The Martian, and The Perfect Guy are three thrillers all about true survivors

The Martian

The Gift, The Martian, The Perfect Guy

The “science-fiction lite,” movie, The Martian starring Matt Damon, is based on the novel by Andy Weir. This movie is an opportunity for director, Ridley Scott, to redeem himself as his previous efforts have left many disappointed. However, The Martian, is already looking like Scott could be redeemed.

Weir’s book left future novelists wondering about the astronaut’s survival skills when he gets left behind on Mars. Weir addresses the issue with a titular Martian, who used dork-like humor to deal with his predicament. It is like Phil Dunphy, from Modern Family, with a bottomless pit of cheeriness and Dad jokes.

The book has no villain other than Mars, which does not make a good villain. The planet challenges Mark Watney using forces of nature. The book is highly detailed when it discusses science and the plot is compelling. Watney is an engineer and a botanist and the book covers details about how he is able to use both of his skill sets to find water, grow food, usefully mess with computers and extend his Martian visit. In the book, science is the hero. The movie takes place during a mission to Mars. After a severe storm, Astronaut Mark Watney is thought to be dead and gets left on Mars. Watney only has a few supplies so he must be creative, have wit and drive to survive and find a way to let Mission Control know he is alive. The sci-fi adventure stars Kate Mara, Kristen Wiig, and Jessica Chastain.

The trailer suggests that the movie The Martian has been given more emotional depth and humanity’s natural deterioration. In the book, Watney does not fall into acceptable delusion or despair.

It is hopeful of The Register that Scott has done exceptionally well at bringing the best parts of the book to the big screen, as the book is great, optimistic, science-fiction, according to The Register.

The film already has strong marketing starting with a teaser that went viral followed by The Martian’s theatrical trailer. 20th Century Fox had decided that The Martian would be released during the Thanksgiving holiday until it saw the reception that the trailer received. The studio has now realized that The Martian has stronger potential than anticipated, therefore Fox has moved the release of The Martian ahead to October 2nd and they will be releasing their other movie, Victor Frankenstein in November.

Word of the release date change reached Deadline, and it reported that the release date moving ahead meant Scott’s new movie, The Martian, will be released almost two years after Alfonso Cuarón’s space adventure was released, titled Gravity.

The Martian will have some competition the weekend it is scheduled to open, such as 3D drama/thriller, The Walk directed by Robert Zemeckis. ’Then there is the sequel to the action movie, London Has Fallen. Both of these moves, as well as, The Martian, are geared toward adult audiences. These movies do not target the same demographics, however, proven by the differences in their genres. Scott’s movie, The Martian is positioned to hit high at the box office.

Watney has to use his know-how and ingenuity to survive on Mars, as it would take a retrieval team four years to reach him. He has to use his engineering and botany education as well as his wit to survive. Following The Martian and The Gift, the third movie, The Perfect Guy is also a thriller, and all three are about survival.

The Perfect Guy

The Gift, The Martian, The Perfect Guy

The Perfect Guy is a thriller about a woman who has to use all that is within her to outwit her menacing ex-lover. After a messy breakup, lobbyist Leah Vaughn, played by Sanaa Lathan, finds herself in the passionate arms of a stranger, played by Michael Ealy. Leah is 36 and wants to get married and have a family. Dave, her ex-boyfriend does not want that type of commitment. After Dave is out of her life, Leah keeps running into the same stranger, Carter Duncan, who is played by Michael Ealy. Duncan seems to genuinely care about Leah and her family. She believes that she has finally found the perfect guy.

Duncan becomes protective and changes into something ominous. Leah wants to escape the relationship and once she does Duncan becomes her cunning enemy. Then Leah’s ex-boyfriend, played by Morris Chestnut, returns to her life. Leah must determine who she should trust to get help from so she can retreat from the one she is supposed to fear.

E! reported that Michael Ealy in the trailer for The Perfect Guy is “stupid hot.” In the trailer, Leah is laying on the bed and Ealy is creepily waiting under the bed and then he turns and gives the camera a menacing stare.

The Perfect Guy is scheduled to be released September 11. This and the other thrillers will be hitting the theaters this fall. These movies have hot stars and action that will keep the audience guessing. These three thrillers The Gift, The Martian and The Perfect Guy all star people who work to be survivors.

By Jeanette Smith


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