Los Angeles Pastor Completes New Song to Ease Civil Unrest As One of His Family Members Was Killed in the Charleston Massacre

Charleston MassacrePastor Chuck Singleton and his son wrote the song Man Up in response to the current social unrest…they completed the song around the time of the Baltimore uprising. It was written to encourage and guide us as to how to handle these social issues. Unfortunately, it was discovered yesterday that his own cousin was one of the victims of the Charleston Massacre. Our prayers go out to him….let his song help us to move forward in this hard time….https://youtu.be/Bm94ONFg9wY

When asked why he chose music videos as his preferred medium, Pastor Singleton stated, “”Music speaks to a culture at a level where CNN is not heard. Music echoes when other voices have gone dark. We chose Music because it dances in darkness and leads to light. George Santayana wrote “never mind its constitution and platitudes, let me write a nations songs and I’ll shape its destiny.”

Pastor Singleton is the pastor of Loveland Church in Ontario, CA. He mentors young people tirelessly in an effort to guide them in a safe path. Loveland Church has three physical locations plus a vibrant Internet church reachable at lovelandchurch.org. With thousands of socially active members, Loveland operates many outreaches designed to uplift the needy and help people become grounded, productive contributors to society.

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