McCarthy a ‘Spy’ From the Stars

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Melissa McCarthy is a Spy from the Stars. News has now declassified one particular story about her not so secret life. Her role as CIA agent Susan Cooper had laughter propelling to the ends of the Universe. This remarkably vivacious actress has now reached astronomical dimensions in the entertainment industry. Reaching comedic realms where no one has been before. It takes no secret agent analyst to decrypt the code, that McCarthy deserved the star she received on the Walk of Fame, located in Hollywood, CA.

“I don’t know about the cat shirts, but looking like a frumpy tourist was not far off!” said a real life spy man, in the flesh, to McCarthy about her cat loving spy role. Director Paul Feig, created a very intriguing cast of co-stars to assist in this thrill seeking silly film. Jude Law and Jason Statham were amongst those selected few to stand next to McCarthy in her role.

Statham’s role as Rick Ford was a dream come true for Director Feig, as he wanted to see the comedic side of him come out. Who knew that the CIA could have fun while searching for a nuclear device, that has the capacity to demolish and kill hundreds of thousands. Interestingly enough Statham has said some thing off-screen, in real life, that make you wonder. “I’ve come from nowhere and I’m not afraid to go back,” affirmed Jason. One could imagine he is talking about his home town or financial status when reading that comment. It looks like McCarthy is not the only Spy from the stars.

Then he had another eerie yet uplifting statement, “If you got a good imagination and a lot of confidence, and you kind of know what you are saying, then you might be able to do it. I know a lot of colorful characters back home that would make great acts.” Statham was sharing advice, with all of humanity who have ears to hear, bringing encouragement. Yet when the word colorful is, spoken how are humans to decipher if his “characters” is made from colorful shades of R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. or just mere muggles with interesting personalities?

Although many may never know the meaning of his words, he has played a previous role in the movie Ghosts of Mars. A 2001 film that unveils humanity living and working on Mars in the year 2025, due to Earth running into the problem of overpopulation. With planet Mars fully functioning with 640,000 humans, everything goes smooth until the long hidden Alien Race comes out of hiding. Ultimately becoming a real extraterrestrial battle of life and death, McCarthy would have been the help Statham needed, to help him laugh through that crazy planetary situation on Mars.


As wonder keeps intriguing, look a little deeper into co-star Law and his past in the science fiction movie industry. Although he does not have any quotes to reference a possible space mystery, the curious Law happened to star in a film called Gattaca, released in 1997. Gattaca Corp. is a futuristic Aerospace organization that has capabilities to look into the DNA of a human and place them where they belong. The main star is given his ultimate dream of going to outer space by way of his DNA being altered to be that of an athlete. The stars are all aligning now.

Upstanding actor Law was in another movie called Sky Captain of the World of Tomorrow. The plot was very sinister, with all the scientists around the world disappearring. Earth is in danger from an Alien race and Sky Captain is planet Earth’s last hope. If only McCarthy was there to help Sky Captain with her high action stunts, to distract offenders.

Whether this is all just a science fiction coincidence or McCarthy and her co-stars are possible Spy(s) from the stars, the world will never know. Beautiful, secretive, tenacious McCarthy states a belief that confirmed if from the starry brilliance or not, “I believe in Heaven. I do not believe that this is it and then we are done.” Her ideas that are out of this realm, seem to brink the gap of the mysteriously unknown with the invigorating gift of laughter that creates a joy to all her fans.

Opinion By Samantha Estock

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