XCOM: Enemy Unknown Welcomes You Back Commander [Video]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
welcomes back its commanders this week, as developer Firaxis and publisher 2K Games announce a sequel for the popular gaming franchise. Fans have had to wait three years to see if there would be any more offerings of the popular alien themed turn-based tactical game, and today (June 6) they were given a tantalizing glimpse of what is in store with the release of the new trailer.

The trailer for the as yet unnamed sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown is not giving too much away. Due for release in November, 2015, all fans really learn in the three-minute long clip is that the action takes place twenty years in the future and that the XCOM force are now insurgents, fighting for freedom against a controlling government made up of technologically superior alien combatants in a government referred to as ‘Advent.’ The XCOM team find their roles reversed from previous game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and its expansion XCOM: Enemy Within, as now they must become the invaders in order to save humankind. With limited resources and the need to constantly recruit new members to their rebel team, players will discover a new experience in the XCOM sequel as they attempt to oust the alien leaders and regain control of the planet.

In welcoming back its commanders, the XCOM: Enemy Unknown sequel has included some major new features.  As well as four new soldier classes and new enemies, including evolved Snake Lady Vipers, government Advent soldiers and advanced Sectoids, players can have some extra fun with the introduction of concealment and enemy looting as a stealth tactic. A flying aircraft referred to as ‘The Avenger’ will be the new mobile headquarters for the resistance group. XCOM2, as it is currently being called, will also offer official mod tools, procedural generated maps, Steam workshop integration and a one-on-one multiplayer option.

Chris Hartmann, president of game developing company 2K Games proudly stated, “Firaxis proved they could re-imagine a beloved franchise with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which became a Game of the Year award-winning title.” He is confident that with XCOM 2, the team has managed to add even more energy into the popular series and has added an adventurous narrative worthy of any superhero that should challenge players to “overcome near impossible odds”. Creative director Jake Solomon is enthusiastic about the upcoming sequel and paid tribute to the fans for their inspiration in coming up with a game that he hopes will not disappoint. “The feedback from the passionate XCOM community played an important role in the development of XCOM 2” Soloman said, going on to add “driving us to push the visual, gameplay and re-playability boundaries of what a strategy game can be.”

For XCOM players used to battling alien species from the comfort of their gaimg consoles, disappointment will be inevitable. 2K and Firaxis have announced that the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be available exclusively on the PC, meaning some commanders may have to venture into alternative means of gaming entertainment in order to get their ‘welcome back’.

By Alison Klippenstein


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