Microsoft Corporation and Vice President Innovative Idea [Video]

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Microsoft Corporation

Over the years Microsoft has hired many of the most intellectual technicians from around the world. The technicians help Microsoft Corporation and their general manager and vice president, Bryan Biniak bring innovative ideas about how to bring technology and people closer together.

Although many of the concepts that are created by the technicians have gone through the research and development phase (R&D), sources have said that some of the ideas are pending to become game-changing services and products for the future. For example, Biniak, recently shared an idea with sources at TCU- Automotive Detroit, which he hopes will become a development since it involves, Stephen King, an app, and smart home connectivity that will work well with their Illumiroon device.

Microsoft research has created an Illumiroom, which is the expansion of the visual projections on the television to the areas surrounding the screen. The Illumiroom uses a projector to blur the lines between on-screen and the surrounding environment around the television and a Kinect for Windows camera. The system can change the appearance of the room, extend the field of view, induce apparent motion, and enable new game experiences. Microsoft Corporation device of the Illumiroom and the vice president’s innovative idea gives watching TV, home entertainment, and playing video games a whole new meaning.

Since the Illumiroom has been designed, Biniak and other researchers have been coming up with additional ideas to keep the system entertaining for all types of consumers. Biniak told sources, “the idea is to bring a haunted house to life,” Biniak also stated, “that connected smart housing and car systems were all made to create something as big as having someone experience what it is like to live in or create their favorite horror film.” He believes that the idea will also benefit many cinematographers because everything will be controlled at just the right time when they are filming, due to the pre-programmed settings a person can choose on their smart home systems.

The home systems have sleep mode, audio/visual controls, controlled appliances, and temperature controls, and it can add thrilling experiences to make living ten times better at home. Biniak believes Microsoft Corporation has developed a device that can change the way people live forever. Microsoft Corporation

The general manager also thinks the smart home connectivity with the new Illumiroom will also benefit those that create large scavenger hunts, it opens more doors for creative adventures to occur by using the system to enhance the experience. Microsoft Corporation’s vice president said, “the concept of getting into a network for entertainment encourages people to open a new door into the digital realm that has never existed before.”

Microsoft Corporation is always finding new devices to connect to the system and as more devices connect more sensors are used. Since the Illumiroom brings users into the scene of the projection with its illuminating effects, it is very beneficial for the creative types to do many experiments with the system’s settings. The Illumiroom is made to combine the physical and virtual world, and with the right-click of a button Biniak’s idea of the haunted house and smart home systems is where the future of technology should continue to go.

Microsoft Corporation’s Illumiroom design is still under R&D, but researchers have gathered lots of input to make the concept easy to use and beneficial for everyone, and while the vice president’s innovative idea is only a thought he came up with, he feels that the company is moving in the right direction by improving home entertainment. Biniak could not tell sources whether or not his idea is already in the process of being worked on by Microsoft Corporation.

Opinion By Krystle Mitchell


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