Microsoft Corporation Travels Into the Future With New Technology

Microsoft Corporation

Movies and television have taken mankind into the world of futuristic inventions since the beginning of their time. Gadgets and gizmos that do a myriad of things, from flying cars to holographic cell phones, and even teleportation have made the world’s inner tech nerd squeal in excitement. Now the Microsoft Corporation travels into the future with new 3D and virtual reality technology that is sure to change the world and may bring those technically fanatic users to joyful tears. 

Microsoft has been granted a groundbreaking patent which will allow everyday objects to be scanned into a computer system as a 3D image without the need for a turntable. The soon to be antiquated need for a turntable will allow users to scan their object from various angles using a single depth camera. This method will help to increase resolution, color quality and help to make surface patterns more prominent for printers, animators, gamers, videographers, as well as illustrators. In addition to 3D image recording technology, the Microsoft Corporation has also partnered up with a new gaming system that will allow gaming fans to virtually enter the world they so desperately wish to be a part of in 2D.

Oculus is a progressive company leading the march on virtual reality. Teaming up with the Microsoft corporation on Friday, the two power companies will avail a new Xbox One controller with every purchased Oculus Rift, a virtual reality system that will allow gamers to feel as though they are actually in the game itself. Although the teaming of the pair is great news, Microsoft is not in any rush to throw out their own developments on virtual reality advancements with their HoloLens for Windows 10.

Microsoft CorporationAs with any smart business decision, one tries to be ahead of the curve and Microsoft does not disappoint with tapping into all virtual reality avenues. Xbox One games can be streamed to Windows 10 simply by integrating the Oculus Rift. Having a wireless adapter that will only work with Windows 10, the Rift integrated controller for Xbox One, along with the Rift itself, will need to operate the latest version of the Window’s programming in order to work properly. Although Oculus will work with Windows 7 (and any succeeding versions) Microsoft Corporation is focusing on leading all future upgrades to Windows 10. Business partnerships such as these are why the Microsoft Corporation is traveling into the future with this new, top of the line technology.

Aside from technological advances, bank accounts are sure to increase as well. The Microsoft/Oculus partnering system will be exclusive right out the gate, due to the fact that Rift systems will not be compatible with Mac or Linux, leaving Microsoft in the lead with very little effort on their part.

Virtual reality systems such as the Rift, in conjunction with the Microsoft Corporation partnership, could help close the gap with the leading game console, Sony’s PlayStation. With impressive bragging rights, Microsoft may very well have a strategy that could lead to substantial market shares. However, they are still in competition with Sony who has, by far, dominated the gaming industry, especially with their Project Morpheus VR headset being released in early 2016.

According to stock market percentages, Microsoft shares were down 0.39 percent as of 9:30 a.m EST on Friday. In their year to date, the stock is down almost 2 percent. As the Microsoft Corporation travels into the future with new technology, they still may have a way to go before dominating the market.

By Danyol Jaye

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