Microsoft Corporation’s WiFi to Transform Services With 10M+ Hotspots in 130 Nations

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation’s WiFi is bound to transform internet services across the globe with its more than 10 million hotspots in 130 nations. Building on its strategy of moving towards the business of providing Windows operating system and platform for PCs, tabs and mobile phones as a service, it has been learnt that Microsoft Corporation is working on a product tentatively named ‘Microsoft WiFi.’ The product will offer internet service which will be completely hassle-free to Windows Phone users, Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows.

Details about the product were leaked recently on before the website was pulled. The Microsoft WiFi app download links for Windows Phone, Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows were also available on the web page. The description of Microsoft WiFi was mentioned as a service that will enable users to be ‘productive on the go’ by offering ‘hassle-free internet service across the world.’ This was found on the internet by a user who then shared the details on social media.

Microsoft CorporationA spokesperson for Microsoft Corporation confirmed that the company is working on the new internet service product. The spokesperson said that the service has been tentatively named Microsoft WiFi and it will provide hassle-free internet access to millions of users around the world. The spokesperson did not reveal anything further but mentioned that Microsoft Corporation looks forward to providing additional details about the product as and when available. No information was shared about the planned launch date of the product either. It is expected that Microsoft WiFi will be available across various platforms, continuing the trend of the latest products and initiatives from the company. Microsoft Corporation’s WiFi will revolutionize internet services provided around the world, as it will allow users to access its more than 10 million hotspots in 130 different countries.

The basic point being implied is that Microsoft WiFi will make sure that users are online all the time without worrying about connectivity issues, no matter wherever they go. The web page mentioned earlier suggested that users would not have to waste any more time in managing various carriers to get connected or by filling out forms with their personal information. People will be able to simply sign in once and they would automatically get connected to a vast range of WiFi providers.

Microsoft CorporationTasks, like locating WiFi hotspots and getting connected will be successfully performed using an interactive map which will be built in the app. The service will be available to everyone who is ‘eligible’ to download and use the app. It was also clarified that different versions of the service will be made available to individuals and businesses. At the beginning, Microsoft WiFi will be available to active subscribers of Skype WiFi (through the Surface 2+ Skype WiFi Bundle or Microsoft Work & Play Bundle). Apart from that, customers who receive a special WiFi offer from Microsoft and employees of organizations using Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise versions will also be able to use the service.

For people who are yet to learn about Skype WiFi, it is a service which enables users to connect to more than two million WiFi hotspots around the world. Subscribers pay for this service using their Skype credit for the time they access the internet. It is a pay-as-you-go service that connects subscribers to free public WiFi hotspots, and Microsoft WiFi looks to be working on a similar idea. However, the company is now targeting a much bigger audience and Microsoft Corporation’s WiFi will potentially transform internet services across the world by allowing users to connect to its more than 10 million hotspots in 130 nations. More news is awaited about Microsoft WiFi and users can watch this space for future updates about the product.

By Ankur Sinha

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