NBA Finals Cavs Upset Warriors at Home to Take Game Two

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In the NBA finals game two, the Cavs upset the Warriors on their home turf and shocked everyone to tie the series at one. Cleveland has made a statement that they are not going down with out a fight to the finish; they beat the Golden State in overtime, with a 95-93 win in.

Everyone expected Cleveland to struggle in the NBA finals with Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving on the injured list, but the Cavs showed the Warriors they were not going to just lie down, and give up. Sunday night they showed the country they were down but so not out. LeBron James and Matthew Dellavedova were the shining stars of the night. James made almost 40 points, and had over 15 rebounds, but he did miss 23 baskets.

It was just over three minutes in regulation time to go, and the Cavs were down by 11; however, instead of fretting they rallied to make it happen, and forced overtime. Steven Curry missed 18 out of 23 and had more than five turn overs, and missed the a shot that would have put it away for the Golden state in the last few seconds of overtime.

Meanwhile, Dellavedova made his NBA finals debut and nailed two from the foul line. He captured a James Jones miss in the final seconds. Jones was a part of the rotation that the Cavs gave all they had to them; in a little less than an hour, he made almost 14 turnovers. Thompson, James, and Dellavedova were the warriors that showed up to play. Thompson made two of four free throws, he also amazed the fans by sinking his first four shots. He also set up an unbreakable defense against Curry and attempting to put James in the clear, as well as alone at the opposite end of the court.

Steve Curr the Golden state coach also restricted his choices on the bench, and only keeping a few players in longer than 10 minutes. After the Cavs upset, the Warriors winning game two in the NBA finals Curr could only say that anyone is capable of a loss at anytime.

It was time for the Cavs to win, and they did need it. The Golden State did have their opportunities to pull out a win, but it was if the Cavs were taunting them to try. Cleveland seem to be holding the reins tight, and making it tough for the Warriors to pull ahead. The Cavs seem to have the energy they lacked in the first game of the NBA Finals. James always had so much determination to encircle himself with the best, and play hard. LeBron and the Cavs will have the next game on their home turf, with only three more games of the series to go.

In the NBA finals the Cavs upset the Warriors to take game two, and bring the series back home. James had a spectacular game, and missing over 20 shots did not seem to matter. Convention is not his thing, but that is what makes him so wonderful. James is better when he is under Pressure.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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Photo courtesy of Erik Drost – Creative Commons License