NBA Finals Game 5 Sets Up a Great Game 6


Hopefully there will be no awkward flashing after Game 5 of the NBA finals set up a great match in Game 6. The game that was on everyone’s lips finished with a points total of 104-91 to give the Warriors a well-deserved 3-2 lead in the series. In what was pitted as a LeBron James versus Stephen Curry contest, the match-up served to produce a tightly contested event with both controversy and a three-pointer to remember.

The game was  one for the books, with James and Curry going at it in a incredible way. James, who only managed a low point ratio in Game 4, turned up in style once again to collect 40 points, 14 rebounds, and 11 assists in the night’s proceedings. The noteworthy moments for James were when he made clutch play after clutch play with amazing style down the court line. It seemed that the Cavaliers could not find their offense from anyone else but James, as most of their plays were started or finished by him. Along with James, player Tristan Thompson contributed 19 points and 10 rebounds, and the charismatic J.R. Smith, who started well but faded throughout, contributed 14 points, which were all in the first half, with five for 15 shooting.


The star of the match was definitely Curry, who played extremely well – even to the point of dehydration – for his Warriors. It could be said that when his team needed it the mos,  he was their savior. The forward scooped up a staggering 37 points on the night with 17 points coming in the fourth quarter to finish off the Cavaliers. His points stats of 13 for 23 from the field and seven for 13 from the three-point line, with seven rebounds added to four assists, shows why the NBA finals Game 5 ending sets up a great encounter for Game 6.

The game rivaled the Season finale of Game of Thrones in term of viewers attracted, with 20.5 million viewers, which was 15 percent more viewership than last year’s finals. The ratings represent the percentage of American homes tuning into the program. The NBA Game 6 final is on track to become the most-viewed NBA final in the history of the sport, due to the game holding such importance in this championship.

The stage is ready now for the Warriors. A win in the next game will clinch the Championship, but with the game being played in the Oracle Arena, the Cavaliers have their troops to rally behind them to get this all-important win. The scene is set to be electrifying. The players are set to bring their A-, B-, and C-games. An epic conclusion to the NBA finals’ Game 5 set up a big stage for Game 6 and a great NBA final on Wednesday.

Commentary by Andrew Joseph

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Photos courtesy of Keith Allison’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License