‘The Apprentice’ Upcoming Season Canceled

the apprentice

the apprentice

The Apprentice, which was announced last month as having been renewed for a 15th season, has just now been reported as canceled. This season will not air as planned, and it is not, as would be expected, because the series itself has been axed.

Instead, the reason behind the cancellation of next season lies with main star Donald Trump’s 2016 White House bid. The 69-year-old officially announced that he would run for president this morning, June 16. The idea had been proposed by him before, but he had never actually followed through on it until now.

Given that the run has officially hit the green light, Trump must now abide by the same rules as any other candidate. This means that he must not be subject to any disproportionate airtime, as all those who run for presidency must share the same amount of promotion. Having his own show and being in the media every single week on The Apprentice would be unfair to the other candidates, as they are not so lucky as to be exposed to the public on such a regular basis.

Therefore, The Apprentice has been canceled for its upcoming season. Although speculation arose regarding someone else to take the head honcho’s place, this has been confirmed as not happening. The hit series, which admittedly suffered a ratings hit last season, will simply be put on hiatus until Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has run its course.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


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