NBC to Cut Ties With Donald Trump


According to recent reports, NBC Universal has cut ties with Donald Trump after he had allegedly made racist remarks towards Mexico and immigration issues involving the U.S. In recent news, Mexico’s broadcasting system, Univision, had severed ties with The Apprentice Boss, and had announced they would no longer air the Miss USA Pageant. After such announcement was made, Trump had allegedly threatened to sue the Mexican network for breach of contract. He also decided to validate his controversial remarks toward Mexico and U.S. immigration policies.

KTLA News in Los Angeles, California, reported that NBC Universal had announced the company was allegedly ending its business relationship with Trump after such derogatory remarks were made, and possibly from pressure by numerous Hispanic organizations that had expressed concerns over the weekend. One of the Hispanic organizations that denounced Trump’s remarks was the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Reportedly, around 215,000 signatures were also gathered on Change.org  for NBC to stop both the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageant from airing, with the prior set to take place on July 12. Trump continues to stand behind his remarks on Mexico and the Obama Administration’s immigration policy.

By Liz Pimentel


KTLA: NBCUniversal Cuts Ties With Donald Trump

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