Supreme Court Stays Challenge to Texas Abortion Restrictions

supreme courtOn Monday, June 29, 2015, the United States Supreme Court decided to stay the challenge against the abortion restrictions still lawful in the state of Texas. Currently, Whole Woman’s Health, Et Al. v. Cole, Comm’r, TX, DHS, Et Al. (2015) is the order in pending case for the abortion ruling. This stay will refuse the state to enforce abortion restrictions, which will result in the closing of 10 abortion clinics throughout the state.

Conservative-minded Justice Antonin Scalia filed for the application for the stay presented to the Court. The Court granted Scalia’s stay by issuance of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Case number 14-50928 will be postponed until a writ of certioari (friends of the court brief) can be filed in regards to the opposition.

If the writ cannot be presented in court, Scalia’s stay on the abortion case will automatically end after the time allotted to file. According to reports, liberal-siding Justice Alito denied Scalia’s application that was sent to stay the Texas abortion law.

According to reports, the decision on the case should be made before the end of 2015. The Supreme Court justices will continue to collect information on the law’s current standing.

Justice Alito would deny the application.


By Alex Lemieux

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