New York Better Beware of Richard Matt and David Sweat

New York

New York

Reports have surfaced on two men who have escaped from a high security prison in New York. Richard Matt and David Sweat are “two dangerous individuals” who used power tools to escape. The prison is just miles away from the Canadian border. Roadblocks have been set up around the area. Anyone who is in New York must beware!

Investigations reveal that the escape plan was elaborate; the men seem to have cut a hole in the back of the cell and managed to get down from a catwalk that was six stories high by cutting through several areas. The power tools cut through steel pipes and the men got out through a manhole.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said it was the first time in 150 years that the prison has been around that anyone has managed to escape. The terrifying part is that these two men were convicted for murders. Sweat was convicted of first-degree murder after he killed a deputy. Matt kidnapped, beat, murdered and dismembered his former boss William Rickerson, and than later stabbed another American outside a bar in Mexico, where he had escaped to. The stabbing reportedly occurred during a robbery attempt. Matt had stayed out of jail for nearly a decade after killing Rickerson before being caught and convicted in 2008. These men are sinister and clever. Any people in New York who are close to the Canadian border must watch out.

More than 200 officers from several agencies are searching for the men. People in New York must be careful to avoid encountering these men, and should report any suspicious activity.

By Tania Dawood


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